To the ONE’s without A lover. A Valentine Story.

  It is Valentines, or it was yesterday. A little late but Valentines is celebrated all month long. Right?  INTRODUCTION To my amazement, and trepidation my most popular blog was my Self-Helpish one I posted a few weeks ago. Let me explain why I used the word trepidation. I view human relationships different than most….

What makes a movie successful? Review of the film Lion.

  The Hunt for a Movie. Living in a small town is good but it does have its disadvantages. When you want to see a movie that doesn’t have a massive budget, mega super stars or a superhero you are frankly, out of luck. Not giving up though I searched high and low, and even…

Self-Helpish. I think. Maybe?

A sneak peak into the self-helpish book I am working on. Never mind getting my ducks in a row, I can’t even get them in the water!

The Crown the Jewel of Television

THE CROWN Netflix has truly given us a jewel.   The Crown is a ten episode original Netflix series. It is the story of Queen Elizabeth II from her beginnings of ruling the monarch all the way through to modern times. Netflix held back no expense when taking on The Crown. In the first ten…

Sherlock is coming …..

Sherlock has returned. An in-depth look at the previous seasons. And future predictions about the new season.

12 Fun Things to Do this Christmas

It is December 1!!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. I am still shocked it is almost 2017. Never the less, here we are in December. Let’s be honest, this time of year can be stressful, there are so many presents to buy, wrap, order on Amazon. Then there is all the baking, cooking, decorating,…