Fall is here with all of its magic.

Fall has officially arrived.  It came upon us quickly. Going from the high seventies down into the thirties almost over night.

The leaves have changed, the boots, scarves, and all the clothes I love have been pulled from the back of the closet. Reappearing everywhere I go. I even went out and bought a new pair of boots.

Since fall has made its appearance I did one of the most fall things I can think of; I went to a pumpkin patch and it was as magical as it sounds.

Friends came into town two weekends ago and we decided to plan a few things and then leave a few parts of our schedule open, for whatever popped in. The Louisburg Cider Mill jumped in the car with us just after a delightful breakfast and while we were all singing at the top of our lungs,  the greatest hits of the late nineties and early two thousands. IMG_5250

We made the drive with a few stops along the way and when we arrived joy entered my heart. I love spontaneous days of fun, and being with close friends.

We experienced everything this place has to offer. At first we went and paid our entrance fee into the corn maze and pumpkin patch area.

Even though we didn’t have children with us it was incredibly enjoyable to see all of the families together and the kids were having a great time. If you haven’t been you really should go. Pack everyone up and go to the Cider Mill. I learned while there that it is open all year long.




First was the corn maze, it was fun, but not as pleasant for the nose. Apparently, once the corn is picked over or dies, the smell is not the best.

Pumpkin Patch


So many beautiful pumpkins. I may be the only one but I love to eat pumpkin.  It is so tasty. But the many people who were picking pumpkins and carting them to the front to purchase, I don’t think eating them was in their minds.


Everything Else

Also, there was a corn area for kids to play in, much like a sand pit, also a unicorn for pictures that day. There was many different places for kids to play and tons of places for family photos.




It was a wonderful time and I would recommend it to anyone. I had lived in these area for almost eight years before and never went and I am so happy I went this year. If they decorate as wonderful for Christmas I will be going again soon.

Make sure you get some Apple Cider and the donuts before you leave.


A few more pics of just how beautiful it was, all of these photos are completely filter free.  The overcast sky was perfect.

IMG_5274IMG_5281 2IMG_5342IMG_5317

What are you favorite things to do in fall?

Mine are watching the Hallmark channel and dressing in the all the beautiful fashions of the fall and upcoming winter.

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