Capturing A Friend

Photography is something I have always loved, it fascinates me.


Last week, I texted my friend and asked if she would let me photograph her. She agreed and I was very happy with the results and I learned quite a bit along the way.



Our faces are one of the most changing things about us.

It can hold many secrets, hopes, dreams, fears, joy, anger, despair, it can be aloof, disenchanted and deliourously happy. I always say the ones who love us know our faces better than we do because they see so many emotions on our face.

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and been like that doesn’t even look like me? Unless you spend countless hours in the mirror trying every emotion to see what your face can do you probably have no idea what your face looks like when you tell a joke, when you are surprised or even when you are embarrassed.

I love taking photos that are very close to someone’s face, it is hard when you are the one being captured because you are like, “Back up, you are so close to me!” But it almost always looks amazing.

I was lucky this time because my friend takes great close ups.

Bekkah and I

I almost always know what I want when I take the picture but unless the person has tons of experience taking photos they may not be able to give you exactly what you want. Give them time.

I asked my friend to wear something that made her feel beautiful.

I had a few locations in mind and wanted her to just relax and enjoy the experience. We set off for an adventure. And here are a few things I learned along the way.



Make your subject comfortable. Talking to them the entire time. I love to ask questions. When people give their answers they come alive; they are not in the standard posing positions.

At first I let her do whatever she wanted for the photos, letting her get comfortable. I took a few shots this way then I started directing her. And since we are such good friends she let me boss her around. 🙂


I tried many different things. Her sitting, standing, leaning, different angles, jackets, hair up, hair down, everything and anything. Some worked and some did not but it gave me a sense of what worked for her and what wasn’t the best. Never be afraid to even try really strange positions or lighting, Sometimes those can be the best.

Always be ready.

There were so many times she did amazing poses the second I put the camera down. Now, I know why my photographers back in the day would yell at me saying I did the best stuff when they were changing positions.

CLOSER. Always closer.

Honestly, I hate this. When people take my picture like inches away from me or it feels that way. It is just because we feel like all of our flaws are showing but most of the time we are the only ones who notice them.

Making the picture tighter and filling the frame makes it amazing.

Take a look, and see my pics and I’ll show you what little things I did to make them a tiny bit better.


Trains come and go but I will always stay.


The train one is one of my favorite. Bekkah’s expression is perfect, relaxed, she is present in the moment, but still holding in some secrets.

All of me is here.

The one with no touching up. A natural photograph, no filters, no gimmicks, no fancy angels, a simple captured moment.



These are simple concepts, nothing extravagant but I like it. Because my friend still looks like herself.



This one, I directed a little more, there is something about having someone look down and then pop their eyes up at you. It makes your eyes bigger and more alive. Try it next time even if you are taking a pic of yourself.



I was telling some sort of joke. I can’t remember what it was but clearly it was hilarious.





Top pic is her yelling at me when I am saying do anything you want. Just fill the frame. Make yourself bigger. I love this face of hers.

The middle one the lighting.

Bottom, her face looks different then I remember. And I have known this girl for almost a decade, and gone through so many life changes, emotions, and struggles. I’m telling you the face is incredible.


Me and You.

I like this one because Bekkah looks flawless, and like she is ready to begin her country music career. Also, the shadow is me. We did take at least one pic together.


It was a blast capturing these moments, and I can’t wait to do it again. There are so many places we didn’t get to go to because the sun went down but there is always next time.


Let me know the secret tips you have. I think it is a great idea to capture moments with your friends.  Later in life you will love looking through them. I loved looking through them as soon as I took them.

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