VCR your life.

Yes. VCR your life. It is a great way to live your life.

Read the post below and all will be explained.


Fast forward the bad parts. Rewind the good parts.

Laugh harder at the funny parts. Let the tears fall more freely at the sad parts. 

VCR your life.



When I was a child I watched many movies which had a much higher rating than my age, this is what happens when you have older brothers. It is the reason I still can’t watch The Fugitive, and how out of all the villains in the world the “one armed man” seems to terrify me the most.


Growing up with two older brothers you are exposed to many different things.

Video games– I remember watching them play video games for hours. After I would watch how my brother played, it would show me what I needed to do to beat the game.

Wrestling– I may have been one of the only five year olds girls that knew who The Undertaker, Jake the Snake, Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant were.

The Three Stooges– Yes, I loved them as a child.  I’m not sure I would love them as much as an adult, but I do remember some of their famous scenes. Even while being in a class during college one of my professors asked if any of the women had ever watched the three stooges and actually thought it was funny. I was the only one to raise my hand.


Often my brothers would want to watch a movie they knew I was not allowed to watch but thought if they fast forwarded on the bad parts it would be fine. Therefore, I saw many movies I would have never seen. They would always say, “Jenny, you need to cover your eyes now.” Quickly, I would cover my eyes. Back then you didn’t have DVR for everything and we would have to watch movies on live TV and we would have to wait for the bad part to pass.

Patiently, I would wait for them to say for me to open my eyes again.

“Almost done, almost over, just wait. Okay now you can watch again.”

I would remove my hand and continue watching the movie. Thrilled that they kept me from the bad parts.



On my drive to work a few days ago, I remembered my brothers doing this for me when I was a child. Actually, to be honest, they still do.  A year or so ago, my eldest brother wanted me to watch Breaking Bad with him. He had already seen it but wanted me to watch it with him.

So as if a child again every time a bad part would come on he would fast forward, sometimes I would cover my eyes, if I knew something bad was going to happen and wait for my brother to tell me it was OK to watch again.

Don’t you think it would be amazing if we could do this as adults?


VCR our life.

As adults having someone in our life who does this, wouldn’t it be amazing? They can either fast forward them for you or cover your eyes as they happen until you get to the other side?

Life is like a movie, there are highs and lows. Good parts, bad parts, painful parts, and funny parts.

But as adults we don’t always have someone ready to fast forward the bad parts, but we can do it for ourselves.

We need to fast forward the bad parts, forget the negatives and rewind the good parts. Focus on the good; forget the bad.

Why are we prone to rewind the bad parts in our life? The painful parts, and relive them over and over again?




Let go. Let the bad parts go. All they do is hurt you. All they do is keep you bound to them.



In the film HOPE FLOATS, the mother says to the daughter, something along the lines of “Hold on to the good, let go of the bad.” It was profound. I watched this movie at fourteen and remembering thinking how profound this statement was.

Every time I ever want to hold onto things I remind myself of this. Cling to the good, let go of the bad. Let go of the bad and enjoy the good.

Often we think of this only applying to big events in our life or in certain seasons. But I think it can even happen on daily basis. (I am not saying you completely forget if someone has wronged you and it needs to be addressed. Address it. Just don’t continue to rewind a part of your life that has already been dealt with.)

Example, when traffic is horrible or something happens you weren’t expecting don’t let it ruin your entire day. Let it go. Forget it.

I tell myself this all the time. And I for sure am still working on it. I let the littlest things upset me.

So I need to, fast forward that part of the day. Cover my eyes and wait for it to pass.

We need to all cling to the good. Remember the good. Because when you remember the good parts in your life they seem to only get better with age.

Now go out into your life and make some great memories. Memories is what will comfort you in your old age or is at least it is what I believe.

As Shakespeare says, “Love comforteth like, sunshine after rain. “


What can you do to VCR your life? What are the best parts you want to relive? A famous author once said to have a happy childhood is a blessed life and I for sure achieved that.

4 Replies to “VCR your life.”

  1. I love reading your blogs. Your an awesome writer. I like how you think and how you see life experiences as a learning tool. I love your analogy of fast forwarding life moments as you can with videos. Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank so much. I am trying to write when I can I actually do enjoy it. Thanks so much for reading them and commenting. You don’t even know what people think. 🙂


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