How many books can you read in a year?


After perusing through Barnes and Noble with my peach ice tea in hand and four books in the other hand; a thought entered my mind. I have so many more books to read. . .

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only lives once. George R. R. Martin

A book takes you on an amazing journey, you get to become this person for the length of the book. You are thrown into a fantasy world, with criminals, knights, boys who fly, pirates, mermaids, or a good old 1950s detective story.

As I was seeing all the shelves and shelves of books and I was only in the fiction section. I realized I have a lot of work to do. I must read more.

I have decided my life needs to be more disciplined.

Time is our greatest commodity. And I want to use mine, wisely. I am the sort of person who constantly is looking for new skills to learn. New things to read. Ways to constantly challenge myself and ways to grow.

Books are a great way to learn something new. A great place to start on learning new skills and growing yourself.

Books are also a great way to be entertained and a great way for someone who is a writer like me to see the different ways people build a story.

Every author has a unique way of telling a story. They have a different pace, a different perspective and a completely different point of view of the world.

I love and hate when a writer does something I would have never expected or would have written. It is good and bad.

Good when they surprise you and you are taken off guard. You never guessed that person being the killer. The protagonist crossing a line you never thought they could.

Bad. When they kill someone you thought would live or they don’t let the lovers be together. After all the emotion you were taken through in this relationships and they call it quits. It is heartbreaking. Don’t act like you were satisfied with an unhappy ending.

Reading is enjoyable to me. I love it.

More recently,  I have been watching more television.

Reading and watching TV are apples and oranges. They are different but are both fruits and both taste good if you pick a good one.

The reason reading is not on the forefront is because reading in its absolute most enjoyable setting is at the beach.

IMG_1193Digging your feet into the warm sand, the sun warming your skin, the ocean waves crashing in the distance and reading a good book. This is my happy place. I could do this everyday and be perfectly content.

But this scenario doesn’t work for every day of the year.

At last, I am going to force myself to read. I do love it but sometimes I can become so enthralled with a book I will sit for an entire day, and get nothing else accomplished.

An article came to my attention when I typed in something on google and it was about how CEO’s read an average of 60 books a year. This is discipline.

Therefore, I am going to try and read one book a week. After doing further research I saw that researchers assume an average reader can read a book a week with only spending 45 minutes a day.

I don’t have to spend the entire day; I can break it up throughout the week.

So, Why not?



My plan is to read books from all genres, but one of these categories is more likely:

A fiction.

A spiritual.

A non-fiction.

A how to book.

And anything else.


My library is fairly large and even though I have read most of the books I have quite a few to get me through the next few weeks.

This is where you come in, if you have any recommendations place them in the comments below. 🙂

Also, if you would like to join me in the journey of reading a book a week for a year. I would love your company.


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