Book Review #GIRLBOSS

2 of 52.

I am a little behind in posting this, technically this is week three and I am writing about my book for week two.

The reading is not my problem it is the writing about it because I can’t seem to write a quick review. Reading a book most of the time is an experience to me and therefore, it needs a detailed review. Maybe when I am at book twenty or thirty I will be able to jot something down quickly. I can hope anyway. 🙂


A book I never would have purchased. It was standing on the shelf and I decided to pick it up and read the back, as I do with at least twenty-five books or so when I am wandering around a book establishment. It seemed interesting enough, the cover was appealing but the title wasn’t, #GIRLBOSS. To be honest, it is cheesy and with the hashtag made it even more a title to shake your head at and place it back on the shelf. Needless to say, I left with a different book.

Next time though it called to me, I wanted to read it. Even though my better judgement said no you can’t support such a title, I ignored it and purchased the book.

And I am very glad I did.

FullSizeRender 9


Sophia Amoruso is the author and the book is about how she as a young woman held many jobs, hitchhiked, dumpster dived and started an EBAY business to pay her bills which lead to her owning her very own fashion retail empire worth $250 million dollars.

Her life is quite interesting. She speaks of her childhood, her many different adventures as a young woman, and how she created her business NASTYGAL.

My Thoughts

The book is worth the read. It is interesting, there were no parts I skipped or skimmed over, everything flowed well together. Rather she was speaking about her petty thefts, or how to conduct an interview.

Real life advice is deposited all along the journey through in this book.

YOU belong where ever you want to belong.

TREAT your mind like your money; don’t waste it.

MONEY looks better in your bank than on you feet.

Her little tidbits are all over the place. And I enjoyed them. She is a strong woman who forged her own path.

It was inspiring to read her book and see how much she has accomplished. I admire her for the simple fact that she made her own way and didn’t give up on what she wanted.


My Life

At the beginning of 2017, I did what I do every New Year, reflect over the last year I lived, and decide if I want it to be the same, different, and what could I do better in the following  year. I also make a plan or goals for the upcoming year.

In the last few years, my life has felt directionless. No clear path has emerged to me. For most of my life, I have had a plan. A definite plan, knowing it could possibly change but the end result would always be the same. But for the last few years of my life this has not been the case.

As one who likes to plan, it is very difficult when you don’t have an answer. A direction. I have spent many hours contemplating what I have done wrong and how can I fix it. Multiple sleepless nights, praying, asking for direction. An answer.  Any answer. Something to emerge to direct me to my path.

I will get ideas, or think I am to go this way or that way but nothing feels exactly right. It doesn’t feel exactly wrong either. I have always been able to trust my instinct, my gut feeling but nothing was sticking out to me.

On January 6th, I was alone for the day and decided to go for a walk and pray. I prayed for a while, about everything and anything. And the only thing I could feel the Lord saying to me sounded like the silliest thing ever. I kept questioning it, but it was the only thing I felt he spoke to me.

It was

Bet on yourself.

Strange, right?

One thing I know about the Lord is He speaks to us in our language in the way we understand. These words may mean nothing to someone else but to me they mean a great deal.


For some reason, I have always wanted to create my own path, my own way, do it differently than everyone else. My life may not look like everyone else and I am okay with that. It just might take me longer to get there and to figure out what it is going to look like.

If a person wants to be a doctor, they go to medical school, teacher they go to school and get certified, lawyer law school, business person, they work for a company or start their own.

A professional story teller . . . . . . not as many answers. Where do you go with this? What does this even look like? What are the daily tasks?

All I can do is move forward and continue to do what I am doing now. Writing my book, and betting on myself.

I am not sure what my future is going to look like, or where I am going or the hardest question how will I ever get there?

But seeing this chapter title “Bet on Yourself” at the end of the book, tears may have been shed, and hope may have increased. It was a reminder in the midst of everything falling apart around me; He is still with me. And I have to step out in faith and go for what I want. Go for what I feel he has made me for.



It is a strange book review, I know. Way more personal than I thought for a business/memoir book. It is me though.

Can’t wait to write about the book, I am reading now.


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