WHAT IF . . . . . . . . . (future tense)

What if . . .

It is a question we ask ourselves every day, and it can be a part of almost every situation.

What if. . . my question is stupid?

What if . . . they reject me?

What if . . . I fail?

What if . . . . I fall when I increase the speed on the treadmill?

What if . . . I am not quite smart enough?

What if . . . . I only think I am talented?

What if . . . I die from embarrassment?

What if . . . I am asking too much?

It is a constant cycle.

Let us look at it a different way.

Can WHAT IF be good? 

What ifs are always in our mind. Or at least they are always in my mind.

But what if the what ifs could be good? Have you ever thought about that?

Today, after making every excuse not to go to the gym, I finally made it.

Leisurely I walked on the treadmill, I did my usual people watching and making up stories in my head about everyone. Yes, I do that. Maybe that one is a secret spy and that one looks like they could have a very interesting back story. After my stories had been told in my head, I turned on a podcast and upped my speed, instantly I was sucked into a what if conversation.


The podcast is called STORY, it is an all encompassing look at storytellers from all forms of art. It encourages and uplifts the story inside of each one of us.  If you have time check it out. Every time I listen to it, I am inspired and learn something new to help with my storytelling.

The guest speaker on the podcast was MacKenzie Huynh, she is a creative lead at Pinterest. The podcast she mostly focused on “What if” and pushing people to embrace the thing they truly want to do.

One of her points was we all have our own inner doubter and self critic; she has actually named hers, Amber.

The inner voice that brings up doubt and what if questions; keeping us from pursing whatever our endeavor is. The doubter constantly asks,

-What if this happens?

-What if it is a disaster?

-What if I fail?

THE MOMENT of awe, for me.  

She made a bold point, what if our What if said,

-What if I killed it?

-What if I was amazing?

-What if I succeeded more than I can imagine?

Crazy, Huh?

A positive spin on a concept we all know. The problem for me was when she said this it was inspiring and hopeful but also terrifying. Yes, terrifying. Success scares me. Not sure why. I am sure there are many physiological reasons, I don’t think I am good enough or I don’t dserseve it the list goes on but this is not the point I am trying to make.

Mackenzie went on to say she asked everyone in the audience to write out their what ifs they wanted to do and the answers surprised her, some of them were something as simple as a unorthodox haircut, or taking a martial arts class.

Funny isn’t it how someone can ask a question and you know the answer instantly. Never really having thought of it before but to me the minute she asked the question I knew my answer.

On my treadmill, I am trying to advance my speed, my incline, slow it down, trying to control my breathing, not over doing it but also making sure I am pushing myself. My answer to her questions is there and it cuts me to the heart.

My WHAT IF was,

What if I believed in myself the way I believe in everyone else.

IT cut me to the heart, it may seem silly to you but to me it was real. Recently, I have spent a lot of time trying to decide what I really want. What do I really want?


In this scene her response is

It’s not that simple.

Yes, it is. What do you want?


Always I have been the person to encourage my friends to go after what they want. To pursue their dreams, they can do it. I know they can. I have undying faith that my friends can achieve anything they want if they put their mind to it. I know, I am a dreamer.

Slowly I am figuring out what I really want. And I need to only believe in myself the way I believe in everyone else. There are times in my life where I feel this confidence but then I shrink back. My what ifs pop up and tell me many different things and I listen to them.

So this is me saying I am going to try to tell myself I can do it.

And tell you, you can do it.

We can do it.

Let us start with the small stuff and go from there. Let us live this life. No one has ever been on their death bed saying they wished they had watched more TV or taken less risks.

Do something that inspires you. Pursue your dream. Take the leap. Do it.

Heck, even do something that embarrasses you. As a wise man once said, no one thinks as highly of your reputation as you do. We are only as wonderful or not wonderful in our own minds and we need to not worry about others opinions.

GO out and live your life. Take the risks. Say what you really want to. Share your story with us, let us hear, see and know you and your unique story. Your personal story. It may just move someone, touch someone, and inspire them.

What are the What Ifs in your life? What are you afraid of? What can you do today to face those? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading friends. You are amazing.



We are going to discuss the WHAT IFs of the past. Why do we let them have so much power over our future?






6 Replies to “WHAT IF . . . . . . . . . (future tense)”

  1. Very thought provoking!! Encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and do the things God wants for me in my life. Thank you Jennifer! I love reading your blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment. That’s awesome. I love when it pushes people to do what they know they should. Love you too. And thanks for reading my blogs. 🙂


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