TEXAS. . . . . you have made me proud.

As everyone is aware there was an enormous hurricane that crashed into Texas and destroyed everything with its enormous size, magnitude of its winds, and the unrelentingness of its rain.

I was born in Texas and have spent a good portion of my life in this glorious state. Yes, I know, us Texans are proud citizens. We boldly and unapologetically tell everyone we meet we are from this great state.

Hurricane Harvey

Harvey did hit with warning, but as one who has lived through hurricanes and evacuations you just never know how bad it is going to be and honestly, some people cannot afford to leave.

It is costly to leave your home, taking your children and pets to another location and paying for hotels, food, and gas along the way.

And the reality is most of us when a tragedy or something else is happening you want to stay. Protect your home, your land, your sanctuary, your community. When something is happening to your place it is hard to just abandoned it.

One of the other reasons people didn’t evacuate is; who can really predict the weather. It is something we all talk about but no has the ability to change.

WORDS to the WISE.

If you or someone you know has been touched by this hurricane. There are a few things besides only supplies that can help those affected.

  1. Be caring. Compassion goes a long way.
  2. Be sympathetic. Yes, it is hard. Yes, who knew it would be this bad. Yes, it is only stuff but the reality is our stuff all means a great deal to us. For me my stuff is important because other than my family my stuff has been with me more than any home, city, or place.
  3. Give a kind word. Rather it be, so happy you made it out of there. Or you look great even after all this ordeal.
  4. Listen to their story. Most people in life want you to listen. Not give the way to fix it. Or in hindsight what they should have done. They want to be heard. Listen to what they went through in the hurricane.
  5. Give a hug. Human connection is something that can never be taken away. A hug can truly do a lot.
  6. Say a prayer. Pray for them.  Tell them you will pray for them, or if you want to pray for them in that exact moment, do it.  Continue to pray for them.

It may not have affected you but it is going to affect these people for a long time. When Hurricane Rita hit (which did not have anything close to the amount of flooding Harvey had) it was months before some people were even back living in their homes.

My father used to say Orange, Texas is the armpit of the world. Yes, there is beauty in the swamps, thousands of mosquitos, alligator infested waters, but you don’t come here to see the beautiful landscape you come here for the people.

And with Hurricane Harvey it only proves his point. The people are what make South East Texas beautiful.  It is what makes them special. People, my dear. The people.

Texas you have made me proud.

The love of your people.

The resilience of your strength.

The thankfulness in your words.

The teamwork of every person coming together.

FullSizeRender 2
My father, brother and family friend. Still having fun in the midst of the entire inside of my brothers house is behind him.

Our neighboring state Louisiana helping us out.  Not thinking about the endless amount of hours of work, the money being spent on all the gasoline to rescue people, and the endless exhaustion as the work continues. Thank you to the Cajun Navy, who brought all their own trucks and boats to rescue people for days.

Texas you have made me proud. And know you will always be in my thoughts and prayers till you have overcome this tragedy.

From the desert of El Paso, to the big city lights of Houston, to the music capital of Austin you are in my heart and will always be there.  I am filled with love and gratitude that this is the state I will forever get to proudly answer the question (and resisting the urge to hold my hand over my heart) Texas is where I am from.

For those of you who have not seen the devastation of Hurricane Harvey outside of the major cities. Here is a glimpse of my home town. Click the link below to see. Once one the site click menu and then blog. The Orange, Texas link will appear. These photos were captured by a local, named Clark Miller.

Photos of the devastation of Orange.

As life goes on, let us all remember to be thankful. Life is a struggle for many, not only in this state or country, but for many all over the world. Therefore, let us be thankful. And let us pray for all the other places which are about to be hit by the upcoming hurricane.

Thank you to every person, who has come to the aid of those in need. We are truly blessed to live in a country who is so willing to help their neighbors. My church alone has had help from many states across the country. Driving great distances to bring supplies and help in anyway they can.

Also, a great thanks to my mother and sister in law who let me use their photos. 🙂

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