New Year. New Purpose.

Happy New Year.

It is a new year. A new beginning. A restart button. It is the first day of school, first day in a new city, first day at a new job.

Maybe nothing has changed from last year in your life but the year has changed and you can too.

New Years are good, it is a time where you can change, become someone else, re-sign up for the goals in your life.

Instead of feeling like a failure or a person who can’t change. It is a new year and it can be a new you. I love the cliches.

At the beginning of a new year, I always reevaluate the previous year. It doesn’t ever happen on the first day but later in the month as long as it happens in the first month of the year we are good.

Every year I take time, to pray, to read and to think about my life. As I do this I ask  myself questions.

What do I need to do?

What do I really want to accomplish this year?

How can I make it happen?

What is really important to me and what isn’t?

What should I not waste time on this year?



Inspiration comes in many different ways and in many different packages. One of my favorite ways to be inspired is to listen to past graduation speeches. There are quite a few on the internet and I always find each one vastly different from the previous one and yet equally inspiring.

Most of the time the speeches are given by those who have gone before us and achieved their dreams. Maybe not all of their dreams quite yet but enough to inspire the rest of us.

Watch them. Go watch them. Every year at the beginning of the year we are hopeful and encouraged it is going to be the best one yet. Right? Don’t we always think that. Maybe I am the only one. But I always assume the next year is going to be better. I am smarter and wiser or at least I hope I am.



JOURNEY to Hope.

Last year the words I got for myself was to:  Bet On Myself.  I haven’t reached the full potential of those words in my life but they have changed the way I have made decisions in my life and those words have comforted me.




It is a strong word. It has the ability to comfort you after the storms in life but it also has the ability to crush you to dust.

Hope and me have had a rocky relationship. It constantly seems to let me down. It constantly is unfaithful and every year when that hope enters my heart again for things to change, for the desires of my heart to come to pass. Hope smacks me down when another year passes.

As most of us do we learn from our past experiences and we learn predominately through the cruel teacher of pain.

So, hope and I were not friends, we were enemies. I never wanted hope to sneak back into my heart because when it didn’t deliver it would disappoint and the prick of pain and disappointment became too much to bare.

For years I didn’t hope, didn’t let it come in. But this year after a Christmas fight, which was resolved, and prayer.  Hope has entered my heart again and I am hoping 🙂 and praying it will not disappoint.


The ear of corn that brings hope, look at it. Look at it. It is the only thing in its surrounding that is not dead. It is the only one that has survived. It is hopeful. Let me be like this corn. Let me stay alive and hopeful in the midst of darkness and apathy surrounding me.



One of my goals was to go to the gym again as we all do for our New Years Resolution. At the gym instead of listening to music I decided to listen to a podcast I had never heard. And it was all about writing and somehow the man brought it all back to hope. Of course, he did.

He brought it so much around to hope that he wants to bring hope into this world; he wants to be a HOPE SLINGER.

How cool is that?

A person who slings hope into the world.

Can you see him with his big slingshot? I can!  It is more like spreading hope and joy. This is what I think. So for this year as I am hoping things for my life again. I encourage you to find your word or words.

Find what this year is about for you.

I want to be a hope slinger. And I want to hope again.

Happy New Year. Even though it is February.



Find hope and inspiration around you. All the blessings to you in this new year of 2018 which I do believe will be the best one yet.


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