12 Fun Things to Do this Christmas

It is December 1!!!!

Can you believe it?

I can’t. I am still shocked it is almost 2017.

Never the less, here we are in December. Let’s be honest, this time of year can be stressful, there are so many presents to buy, wrap, order on Amazon. Then there is all the baking, cooking, decorating, fighting with family. Many, many things to do. With all the items to check off your list I want you to add a few funs ones too. Here they are.



#1. Watch A Hallmark Christmas Movie.

  • I picked Hallmark specifically because you can watch one of these and escape to a magical world. Yes, some of them are extremely cheesy but they are fun to watch and for me they make me love snow again. Another great thing about Hallmark movies is you can multitask while watching them. This way if you are overwhelmed with all you have to do you can sneak in a movie while you decorate the tree or wrap presents. Win win.


#2 Have Hot Cocoa Surrounded by Christmas Lights.

  • When I lived in Kansas City, I loved to go to this outdoor mall and walk around there at night and especially at Christmas. I would start at one end, grab a Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, and make my way around the mall. Window shopping and enjoying the Christmas music playing.  It was wonderful and the trip always ended at Barnes and Noble; no greater way to end a day.
  • Since I live in Texas at the moment a hot chocolate is not a necessity but we have our cold nights when the temperature gets down to 50 degrees. This is when I redneck it completely and grab a lawn chair, make some hot chocolate, and sit in my front yard amongst my Christmas lights. Give it a try before you judge; it is extremely peaceful.


#3 Take A Selfie with a Scarf.

  • Okay it doesn’t have to be a scarf but take some pics and post them to your social media account. I know for me I don’t always like to take pics of myself and I am picky about what I think I look like but many of my friends enjoy them. I love seeing pictures of friends who live far away. I love  seeing the pictures of their Christmas trees, their kids, their pets. It is nice to see their lives. Even if you are like me and single take some pics with friends or family and post them.
A picture of our Christmas Village but when I look at this photo I feel like Peter Pan. 

#4 Give a Present to Someone whom you know you will Get Nothing in Return.

  • It is better to give than receive. No better time of year to do this. At Christmas my budget is a little tight but this is a thing I love to do. It only has to be one person. Come on do it. I know you will be blessed.


#5 Play Games.

  • Games are a great way to have fun with your family. Even though in my family certain games have been banned. Risk, scrabble, we keep playing and having fun until my father refuses to play with us anymore.


Helpful Tip-Google It. I have discovered many fun games on the internet, takes a little research to find one you want to try out but the memories and laughter than ensues is worth it.

# 6 Buy Yourself a Christmas Gift. 

  • Seems a little out of the Christmas spirit but it is worth while. Usually I am waiting to open my gifts on Christmas morning like any other adult child waiting for the new boots I am getting (I pick out almost all of my gifts.) or new jewelry. But if I spoil myself a little bit before it is fun. It is nice to have new coat, or sweater to wear to a party.


#7 Listen to Christmas Music, Only if You Sing Along. 

  • Almost every year I buy a new Christmas CD. (I love CDs. I know they are almost useless now but I keep buying them.) In the car CD player it goes and stays till around January. Every once in a while I switch them out with my old ones. This year I am happily listening to an old one:  Justin Bieber and I have no shame, it is a great album.


Our Christmas Tree.

#8 Visit Someone Who Needs a Family.

  • Not everyone’s Christmas is the best. When I was in Kansas City I came home every year to see my family for Christmas but not everyone can. My parents instilled in me at a young age to spend time with the elderly. Go visit someone who maybe became a widow this year. Married couples invite a single to come to a dinner or watch a Christmas movie. It is always nice to be around a family.


#9 Decorate. Lights, Wreaths, Gaudy Dancing Snowmen. 

  • Decorating brings joy to you, I loved when any job I had decorated. It made it feel more like being home than working. Decorate your dorm, office, desk, whatever it is not only will it bring you joy but anyone else who passes by.
My Christmas Sweater.

#10 Wear a Christmas Themed Shirt or Sweater. 

  • It doesn’t have to be ugly. But truly they are more fun. I think you should wear them out but if you are self-concious only wear them to parties. But think about it whenever you see someone wearing a funny Christmas shirt or hat it brings a smile to your face.

Helpful Tip-There are so many websites now with hilarious ugly Christmas sweaters. They even have your favorite TV show characters in Christmas gear.

#11 Host A Christmas Party.

-Do a Potluck, then the strange gift exchange, ugly sweater contest. It is a time for you to come together with your friends and family and have fun. Spread good cheer, hugs, love, jokes and stories.

#12 Have a Kiss Under the Mistletoe. 

  • Live a little. It doesn’t matter who it is. It could be your grandparents or parents, your just a friend, friend. Take a pic and who knows that just a friend may become even more than a friend in the new year.



The List is Complete. Hopefully you found some good ideas. The main point of the list is to enjoy and cherish this Christmas season. Don’t let all the hustle and bustle pass up the true joys of this magical time of year.

Till next time friends.




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