Hallmark Christmas Movies To Watch

Christmas Season is in Full Swing. 


Many have hung their stockings, decorated their houses and began buying presents. Maybe even have their Christmas cards bought ready to begin writing and sending. One of the many fun activities about Christmas season I look forward to are Hallmark’s Christmas movies.

I mentioned them in my last blog post as it being one of the fun things to do this December. I figured giving you a small list of my favorites could help with accomplishing this for the season. My reviews are my own and I only watch movies on the original Hallmark channel. There is another channel of Hallmark movies called Hallmark Mysteries and Movies but they are the more serious ones. Which are good too, but for now these are the only ones I am reviewing.


Watching a Hallmark Christmas movie is cheesy. And yes, you are much more intelligent and honestly could come up with something better, but just watch it. With everything that has been going on in the world and all the drama within your own life; a little time to relax and see a happier time is good. A place where people are kind and life is simpler is good to indulge in.

Norman Rockwell said it best, “Maybe as I grew up and found the world wasn’t the perfect place I had thought it to be, I unconsciously decided that if it wasn’t an ideal world, it should be, and so painted only the ideal aspects of it.”

Enjoy it and go to a quieter time.

The Movies listed  here are in no particular order. I love when friends recommend movies or books to me. I have a hope of it being good and I am excited to watch or read it and tell them what I think. 

#1 Broadcasting Christmas


It is the story of two news anchors vying for the same coveted position on an early morning talk show. Each news anchor pulls out all the stops to try and beat the other one but little do we know that they have a past together . . .




It is a fun watch.

Predominately filmed in New York City which is always magical at this time of year and the fun of seeing the behind the scenes that goes into a morning show. Another bonus on this film is the story was more original than normal for Hallmark. Many times the female character has a boyfriend but takes an unexpected trip and meets someone special in the new destination. Inevitably, the boyfriend returns and she must choose who her one true love will be.

In Broadcasting Christmas they don’t have a significant other in the film instead we get to watch them interact with each other.

Also, it is more believable when they realized their love for each other because they had a past, they knew one another.


The Cast-Melissa Joan Heart and Dean Cain.

Melissa Joan Heart is endearing no matter what role she is playing, she is relatable and you can picture yourself being her friend.

Dean Cain, I still love him from his days as Superman, he will always be my favorite Superman. And he looks fantastic at 50. I hope I age as well as he has. Dean Cain is fun to watch not only because of his handsomeness but he is a delight in this film.


#2 One Starry Christmas


Holly, a Christmas nut is disappointed when her boyfriend can’t spend the holidays with her. She decides to make a journey to her parents house to spend the holidays with them and surprise her boyfriend. But on the bus ride home she meets an old time gentleman who happens to be a cowboy. Showing him around New York City and inviting him into her family’s home, Holly begins to fall for the star loving cowboy. Who will she chose?  Her longtime boyfriend or take a chance on love with a stranger.




This is by far my cheesiest choice, but it is an enjoyable watch. Holly is a very likable character and I love that she is obsessed with Christmas and loves the stars.

As I have always loved the stars. I am pretty sure this comes from my mother, when I was a child we moved from our country to a new one. We left all we knew and made a life in a new country. My mother when she would miss her family and friends would gaze at the stars and say we can’t be that far apart because we all still look at the same stars. The stars will always be magical to me.

Back to the story, it is the classic tale of two people from different lives finding their commonalites and also showing and teaching each other about their worlds.


Who doesn’t love a good cowboy story? I mean don’t we all want to be a cowboy. Truly, I’d rather be a pirate but a cowboy is always fun. In this film we have dances, songs, and riding horses. It has it all.  Even dare I say it?  A happy ending.


#3 Snow Bride


Greta is a news reporter who is looking for the inside scoop on the allusive political Tannenhill family. Little does she know a car mishap will place her in the middle of the family posing as Ben’s girlfriend for the holiday season. But things spice up even more when Ben’s brother brings home his soon to be fiancé girlfriend, who happens to be Ben’s ex. Greta maintains her ruse with Ben but as the pressure to break the story and her heart getting dangerously closer to Ben, Greta must find a way out of this mess?





One of my absolute favorites for many reasons. The characters seem a little more real and the family does too, Patricia Richardson as the matriarch adds stability to the story. Ben is a writer and of course this is a soft spot for me and the love story between Ben and Greta is charming.


It is good. If you don’t watch any of the other ones watch this one. It has a very homey Christmas feel, they bake cookies and snow is everywhere and of course, it couldn’t be Christmas without a ball to go to and sibling rivalry.



#4 Mistletoe Promise


Two people who are phobic to Christmas meet during the holiday season. Each with their set of Christmas events to attend they decide to make a Mistletoe Promise and pose as a couple. They try their best to remain at the superficial level but as they pose as a couple feelings begin to emerge. As they decorate a Christmas tree together, watch It’s a Wonderful Life and help each other in their personal lives. Will they be able to let the feelings flitter away as their promise comes to an end or will they take a chance on romance?





A nice story and I liked that they met in a mall amongst all the Christmas decorations. The story highlights what it is like to be single around the holidays. Which I think is a big deal for most people. For me as a single person, it is not that bad except for when everyone likes to mention how you are single. Good old people. 🙂


It is a fun one to watch. Super relaxing.  My biggest hangup with this film is there are a few mistakes with the wardrobe.  My mother spotted it. The main character has a large hole in his sweater.  Normally, I am always the one to notice mistakes with editing and it drives me bonkers. Watch and see if you can find it.


#5 Window Wonderland


Two Clerks at a department store are competing for the same dream position, the interview, a window display. They each have half of the window and must create a new display every day leading up to Christmas. It isn’t till they began working together that it becomes more than only a competition and more about making a memorable Christmas display for the window shoppers. When they join forces and work together Christmas magic happens and not only in the window but the sparks fly between them too.




Great one. It is so fun to watch this one and it is the one I like to watch every year. I love seeing the Christmas displays. Hallmark Movies always make big city life look so glamourous.


After watching this one I wanted to have this job. I was like how do you get a job like this. I love it! Watch it. Also Naomi Judd is the mother in it and she does a fantastic job.


That is all.

Tell me your favorites? Which ones do you watch every year? What makes it qualify as a favorite? Did you watch any of these ones? What do you think? Do you like my choices or not so much?


Till next time friends.



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