I’m achieving my goals! Awesome. So, What Does That Look Like?

We are back!

How was last weeks Homework Assignment? It is my favorite. Hopefully it was as exciting for you as it was for me.

This weeks Homework Assignment will be the last one in the series. I really enjoyed writing them but I think it is time to move on to something else for a little while. Not to mention the Holidays are approaching us very quickly and it is doubtful we will have time for Grown Ups Homework.

I may revisit it again, since I have quite a few ideas but for now this will be all.


New Assignment

Hopefully, you kept your Bucket List because I want you to use your Bucket List as the road map for this assignment.

IT is . . . .


Goals, Beautiful Goals.


Had to see that one coming right?

It is wonderful to have a bucket list. The list will remind you what you want out of your life and what is important for you to accomplish. But if you make no plans or goals towards achieving the items on the list, it is only a simple list of hopeful thoughts.

Reason For Blog Title

Quite a few years ago, I co-led a small group of women; it feels like a lifetime ago but I would meet with them once a week as a group and as much as my schedule would allow I would meet with them one on one during the week. It was a great time of fellowship and time to be more authentic and truthful without all eyes upon you. One of the amazing things about meeting with people, especially young people is that they are trying to figure it all out. They are trying to answer the big life questions. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What job should I have? Who should I marry?

Actually, even though I am older now I still have these questions. Truthfully, most of us do in some form; no matter our age.

Anyways, as they would talk and tell me the newest revelation they received about their future or the new direction they felt their life was going. I would listen to them and at the end of it, I would be trilled about it. But as my advisors had asked me before and I graciously took as my own, I would ask the question. So, what does that look like?


Yes. Silence would come upon them. Normally after a few seconds of thinking and running many different thoughts through their brain the response would almost always start with well. Then I would smile. And we would discuss the revelation further.

The biggest problem with having amazing revelation about something in your life is implementing it in a practical sense. Instead of it only being an idea, it has to be tangible. Something you can grab with your hands.  Well, figuratively for the most part.

The next questions I would ask were.

How is this going to affect your day to day life?

How are you going to implement this new revelation into your life in a practical sense?

What daily steps are you going to take to make this a reality in your life?

Their responses took some time to give. It was the perfect topic to come back to next time we would meet.

All of us do this; we have an amazing idea or revelation and then we don’t follow through. We get bored, or think we can’t do that or destractions and real live priorities get in the way. I am one of the worst offenders of this. Being a person who thinks creatively getting ideas is not the problem, completing them and having follow through to finish is the part I lack in. Even this blog post. Yes, this very blog post I wrote over three weeks ago and just never finished editing and posting it. I told myself today. I had to post it because tomorrow is December 1st and I have so many ideas for Christmas time.

We all need deadlines. As much as we dread them it is the only way we get things done.

A quick example is running a marathon. It is a wonderful thing to accomplish but if you don’t run a certain amount of miles each day, you will never reach this goal. Being a marathon runner though is not only about the amount of miles every day, but it also takes over your sleep and the nutrition in your diet. In my opinion, begin an avid marathon runner is like having a part time job.

Back to the task at hand with this Homework Assignment I am wanting you to break it down. What is the Step-By-Step Guide to crossing off the items on your Bucket List?


The Goals come with Three different time lines and Seven different categories. Don’t freak out. Honestly, it is pretty simple, not much work, especially when you have already completed your Bucket List.

Time Line for the Goals

  1. Six Months
  1. Five Years
  1. Lifetime

This can be changed to help with what is beneficial for you. It is not set in granite, it can be modified. My suggestion is, you know your current life circumstances, the significant changes coming in the near future and plan your goals accordingly to fit your life.


I completed this particular Homework Assignment in August so I did it until the end of this year. It was a good amount of time to get a few things done but also gave me the new year to write a new list. Or if I couldn’t accomplish the previous goals they could roll over into the next six months.

Helpful Tip-Keep these lists with you, don’t throw them away or lose them. Personally, I write mine on my computer and they are fun to go back to and read.

My next one was a mix between 2017 and 2018. I know in my personal life there is going to be some big changes in these years and I wanted to make sure I was planning ahead for them.

The six month one is fairly easy because most of us can picture our lives six months in the future. We already have an idea of what is going to take place. My encouragement to you is be a little aggressive with it, try to put something down you personally really want to do.


Five years is a good amount of time, many things can change and happen in five years but it is also a significant chunk of time to accomplish many goals. Think about when you were in high school in those long four years a lot happened, everything changed, you, friends, life, your plan after school. But in this time you also learned a ton of stuff. Why not make your next five years a time of learning, or accomplishing your goals.

Therefore, do not let adulthood pass you by.

Do not let you life run you, You run it.

You are the captain of your ship.

Helpful Tip– Write your age by the goals. Write the year and then your age right next to it. It helps you visualize it.

In the five year plan it gets a little challenging. Technically, you have enough time to finish real goals. Not just get through the holiday season without killing any of my relatives and not gaining ten pounds. But life changing goals.

The five year plan for me I like to say: this is where the rubber meets the road. All the ideas and things you have wanted to accomplish come down to one thing, in my opinion.

WORK. Good old fashioned hard work.

Oprah said it best.

“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.”

If you remember in an earlier post I told you to dream big and I truly hope you did. But now is where it can become daunting. You have to do it. When taking on a big project or idea, goal, whatever it is. A crucial part is planning, it is valid and necessary, but many times we spend too much time planning and talking about doing it. It actually never gets done.

It can be tempting to not write the difficult ones on this list but I encourage you to do so. Come on let’s live, live your life for goodness sake.

When writing this post, I went back and reread my five year plan/goals. And was like I better get to work, and who is this girl who wrote all this stuff down. But I kept them on there. Refrained from deleting them or making them easier to achieve. Don’t fall into temptation. Keep your list. 🙂

Helpful Tip-At the end once I have written down all my goals, I write NOTES to myself at the end of the page. In fact, I write notes to myself all the time, rather it is in my writings or on my mirror, it is always good to encourage yourself.



Breaking it up into the categories. Most of the items on your bucket list will fit into one of these seven categories. If they don’t, add any category that fits your criteria.








There you have it. Plan your journey to those items on your Bucket List.

Decide where the pit stops are, which ones are important. What detours you want to take.






Professional One-

Write at least ten blogs before the end of the year. Almost half way there.

Professional Two-

Enter a writing competition.

I wanted to do this one but didn’t tell my Homework Buddy because I wasn’t sure if I would really do it or not. When I start feeling scared or nervous about doing something, I find a way to get out of it. I can come up with a legitimate, logical, valid excuse. At one point in my life I wanted to be a lawyer.

But I did it. No excuses. It did take me a while to research and find a competition I felt I wanted to submit to and could submit to in the time allotted to complete. It was a journey completing this one and I learned a great deal of things.

I am not going to say I don’t want to win but secretly hope I do. Everyone wants to win. But it was extremely fulfilling to actually send my work out. I finished something and it is gone. And I have forbidden myself from going back and editing it again. It is gone now.

If anyone reading this is a writer I am sure you understand. Endless hours are spent with your work, forming your characters, creating the world they live in.  So to finish a project, I felt like I could take on any obstacle in front of me.


To save a specific amount of money. So, every paycheck I put a little bit of money in my envelope to save for my goal. I am pretty close to reaching my goal if I keep working like I have been.


Keep it Simple.

Don’t only put huge goals on there. Especially for the Six Month ones, keep it simple.

Maybe, your goals for the six months are to call a certain person once a week to check in.

Walk more. Gym three times a week. Only get that special coffee four times a week and save the extra money.

All this is a guide to give your days purpose. Instead of falling on the couch, turning on the tube saying what happened to my day (this happens to all of us) but at the end of the week you made some goals. Your life is going somewhere. You spent time with your child playing Barbie or Lego’s for 15 minutes each day or three times a week. Progress, my friend, your life is going somewhere you are accomplishing something. Even if your goals are as simple as spending time with your family, it is purposeful and you will reap the rewards. This life is only a vapor.

Maybe your professional goal is to be kind to the one person you can’t stand at work.

My social one was to put effort in spending time with people. My life has had many different seasons, I have gone from seasons with too many friends that I have no time to spend with all of them. To the other extreme where my parents and the current show I am binge watching are my only friends. DO what benefits you. Make these goals yours.


Goals is the word I used for this Homework Assignment but not sure it fits for this time frame. Life plan is so huge. It is also hard to articulate in a goals spectrum. I consider this a detailed observation, hope, at what I want my life to be.

The lifestyle I want to live.

Physically, I wrote living a healthy lifestyle and remain at my ideal weight, which I don’t want to wait until I’m seventy to achieve. My definition of my ideal weight is not what I weighed in high school when I hadn’t eaten for three days because of a stomach virus. I mean like a healthy realistic weight for the makeup of my body.

A good relationship with my family and my husband’s family, this is important and will require work, effort and time.

Because I am a goal oriented person who likes to look at things by a timetable, which is truly a blessing and a curse; I am hoping in ten years or a little more that I am at a point in my life where my large goals have been achieved. At this point my desire is to begin helping people achieve their goals, as I did mine.

Summing everything up the note I wrote to myself at the end of writing all my goals down cracked me up. I am tempted to make a video of me saying it to you because even when I talk to myself I do it with immense amounts of gusto and over exaggerated hand motions.

Here is the note. Read it to yourself out loud and with authority.

NOTE: You have a lot to look forward to!  What fun. Enjoy it in the moment. Breathe and take it all in as you attain your goals. Be vulnerable. Be honest. Be good. Love well. Don’t hold back. Honor those important to you. Forget the bad. Forgive the wrongs. Love deeply and smile from your insides. Keep your hope. NOW Get to work!!!!

This is good life advice for us all. What is mine I give to you.

All right Folks that is all. I hope you enjoyed this “Homework for Grown Ups Series.”

I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. If you just read them but didn’t complete them it is okay. But I encourage you to do it in the near future.  It is helpful.

Next Months Blogs will be about the Holidays. The Good, the bad, the overwelmed, the ugly Christmas sweaters, Sherlock returning in the New Year,  and everywhere in between.

It is a magical time of year and I plan to do what I do, write about it.

Till next time friends.

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