Kicking the Bucket. The Debt All Men Pay.

Greetings Friends!

I hope you liked the first homework assignment. Did you discover something about yourself you didn’t already know?




Homework Assignment #2

I bet you saw this one coming. It is in our lingo, our understanding, our hashtags, it is everywhere, but do you actually have one? Most of us, have never taken the time to actually write down our bucket list.


Well now, here is your chance.

I did this assignment a few months ago. It was wonderful! I learned so many things in this assignment. The most valuable one being; actually visualizing what I want to accomplish. After reading over the things I want to complete before I kick the bucket, it pushed me to start doing them. I haven’t completed any quite yet, but I am very close to completing one of them.



Time is the one commodity we all posses and we only have a finite amount. No matter who you are your time is your greatest commodity. Use it wisely.

For some people, having a written down list is a scary thought. Not only writing it but actually looking at it. Some people do not like to write everything down because if they can’t complete the list they feel like a failure. It is okay. Just do it. You are the only one holding yourself accountable to this list.

You run your life it does not run you. (This will be a future blog topic because this is the way I want to live my life.)

Others of you are the spontaneous ones who do not like to make detailed plans because it makes your feel stifled or not like yourself. But write it down. It is good to do it. There is a huge spontaneity that comes with it when you write it down. Anything that pops into your mind, write it down. Super spontaneous. Do it.

Still not convinced. Huh?

I do sympathize. I love living spontaneously too, but if you make plans for it you are way more likely to do it.


There are quite a few benefits of actually writing your list.

One of the great things about writing down your bucket list is you realize what is really important to you.

When I did my bucket list, I was positive certain things would be on my list. Surprise! They were shockingly absent.

I almost added them to it, but then I thought if they were not important in the first attempt then I’ll leave them off for now. This List is not like the law of the land, you can add or take away from your list at any time you feel is appropriate. You decide what you want to be on the List.

One of the things missing from my list, was running a marathon. My shock in this was because I have been a runner since senior year of high school. I fell in love with it. Which when you haven’t experienced the runners high, you must think we are crazy. But I loved it. I kept running for many years and only in the last year have I stopped. And only because of an injury, I miss it every day. Maybe one day I will be able to return. Anyways, I didn’t write it on my list and yet it was always something I said I wanted to do. Leaving it off the list was good, I realized doing a marathon would be great but I feel just as fulfilled with my life if I pass on it. The idea of training myself and breaking my body down to only be able to say I can run for 26.2 miles is not a brag I need. Kudos to all of you who have done it.

Another realization on my list was, my list was overflowing with experiences, I want to have. Always have and probably always will be a person who values experiences over almost anything else in life. I love that I have traveled a lot in my life and can’t wail till I am in that season again.



Get out a notebook, journal or your laptop. Open to the blank page. Put a timer on for thirty minutes. And think about it. NO interruptions. NO cell phones. You alone with a blank page. And write. Write and Write.

One word of advice on this particular part, DREAM BIG. Go way out there! If it pops into your mind write it down. Dream as big as your imagination will let you.

Put anything and everything you can.

Then let it sit for a day.

When you come back to it.


If there are things you wrote down that completing it one way or another won’t make much difference in your life then trim it. I would suggest crossing through it. In case you change your mind I would not completely delete it. Also, do not trim the fat by taking off stuff you are afraid to do. This it not what this part is for.

A credible reason for trimming a particular item on your list is maybe it was an old dream. Sometimes I find we have this dream we have had since we were children or for years as an adult and we hold on to it. Holding it tightly and with reverence but it isn’t as important as we once thought. Think about it. Reflect on the dream. No reason to cut if it is still important to you. Further more, don’t cut something just because it seems juvenile or dumb. Keep it. We all change and grow.  Different things become important and different people in our lives. The only thing to say for certain with people is that they change.


Okay if you like to be organized I would try and place them in categories. It is good to try and have some sort of reasoning to all the ideas you jotted down once they started flowing.

Even if you are not as organized by nature, have a tendency to be more on the scatterbrain side, try. All I ask is you try to make your list have some sort of map to it.

A benefit of being organized is your list will be much easier to share with your homework buddy. If you do not have a Homework Buddy get one! Get one! It is so much more fun. 🙂



Suggested categories, this is totally to help you add to your list if you forgot something. I have added some things that I borrowed from friends who have great accomplishments on their bucket list.

I put some of my goals in here and a few more popular ones. This is just to help you, if you can’t think of any, it is good to see other peoples for fun too.

Mine are in blue if you are interested. Other suggestions are from other people.


-Write a novel.

-Plan a conference preferable a random topic or niche. For me this is a great challenge and a fun way to spend your time. An entire year of planning for a specific day. Making all the necessary preparations, picking the schedule, finding vendors, sponsors and the speakers what fun. 

-Be on a talk show.

-Own a company.

-Pass the Bar.



-Travel the globe. 

-Eiffel Tower. Check. 

Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful. More beautiful than I had imagined.

-Be an extra in a movie.

-Learn a foreign language.

-Go to the Olympics.




-Crown Jewels. Been to London twice and still haven’t done this so next time. For sure.

-Visit Hawaii and stay at a flash resort.

-Seven Wonders of the World.

-Christmas in NYC.


-Visit all 50 states.



– Get married, have children.

-Take my parents on an amazing vacation.

-Adopt children.

-Own a family beach house.

-Mend relationships.

-A reunion with all relatives.

-Search ancestry.


-When at a happy weight do a photo shoot. (Old Hollywood)

-Run a Marathon.


-Learn to Ballroom Dance.

-Wear a particular outfit.



-Theatrical play with an amazing actor of my generation.

-An awesome concert would love to see Celine Dion.

-Comic-Con. International

-Movie Premier. 

-Sydney Opera House


-UFC Fight.

-Red Carpet Event.

-Live Taping Sitcom.

-Miss America Pageant.



-Making a living doing what I love.

-Helping people on a monthly basis.

-Completely out of Debt.

-House Paid Off.

-Savings for Retirement.

-Give away Half of What You Earn.


















Challenge yourself to at least put something on there that scares the bejesus out of you. Even if you don’t do it maybe you can try to. There is so much satisfaction in trying something then never even trying. Come on. Do it!


My list has many different things, because I consider myself a life long learner. One thing that scared me, but is on my list is I want to make a film.

But instead of writing on my list, the best film ever and winning an Oscar. (Told you a big dreamer.) I wrote make some sort of a film, and enter a competition. Set yourself up for success. This is a much more likely attainable goal, and once I finish this one. I can add another one.

Helpful Tip-If you are a goal person and like to see what you have accomplished put somethings on the list you have already completed. And then check them off.


Married. Check.

Buy a House. Check.

Graduated High School. Check.

So on and so forth. Look! How much you have done. You are amazing.


ONE last reason to do a bucket list, it gives you great ideas for gifts.

As we get older most of us don’t need a lot of things as far as gifts for Christmas or birthdays but we can still gain experiences.

What if your thing is to jump out of an airplane and plummet to your almost impending death till your instructor pulls the ripcord and your parachute opens. What a great way to spend your birthday next year? You can get a group together who may also want this experience in their life and do it together.

Life is all about creating memories with people you love. You will always remember this person and the experience you shared together. It is a win / win.



One super cool thing happened when I did this assignment with my homework buddy. We were sharing all the things that made our lists. One of hers was she wanted to one-year throw a killer New Years Eve bash.

I started laughing because I had wrote down, I wanted to have one really good New Years Eve with no particular detail. She joined my laughter and we thought maybe my great New Years Eve will be at her killer party.



Don’t give up on your list. Age doesn’t matter on this list you are still alive right? You are not dead. You haven’t kicked the bucket yet. So get out there and do it. Running that marathon may not be able to happen anymore for you. Do a walk for charity. Maybe your health will improve and you can do a half marathon. Go for it. Continue to Dream.

There it is.

Now, get to work and figure out your the bucket list.

Next week we are going to do my favorite one it is really fun to do with your Homework Buddy. I like this one the most because it is more of a heart one. I love it. I’m all about the heart. We get to get to the nitty gritty of who you are.


What was the one that shocked you the most? What is the one you are most afraid to admit you want to do? Let me know what you think?

See you next week. I know we have at least six more. Stick with it. It is fun. Come on use your beautiful brain!!  I mean it is all about you.


Have a wonderful week. Tell me what you think. 🙂


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