Homework as a Grown Up. What?

I’m a Grown Up. Why do I have to do Homework?


Adulting is a popular hashtag nowadays.

According to Urban Dictionary it is: to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as: a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.


When I was a child, I couldn’t wait to be an adult, it seemed like the most exciting thing on the planet. Make all my own decisions, live on my own, decide when I wanted to go to bed, eat as many cookies before dinner as I wanted, the possibilities were endless.

Unfortunately though, even before I turned eighteen adulthood lost its’ magic and I started to realize all of the responsibility that comes with calling yourself a grown up. I desperately wanted to find Neverland, joining Peter and the lost boys on the adventure on never growing up. Somehow I got the directions wrong and couldn’t seem to find it.

Sadly, I entered adulthood and became a grown up.

Not to be too disappointed it has its perks, you know. The staying up as late as you like is truly wonderful, only that as an adult you understand tomorrow is coming and know you will pay for it when the alarm sounds. But nothing can beat eating snacks in your bed while you watch Netflix.



Yes. Even as a grown up you should have homework, I know most of you are incredibly busy I get it. I totally understand but give me a few moments of your time and hopefully I can convince you to join me in my homework assignments.

As a person who writes, and is planning on making it a future profession, I have homework every night. Now, it doesn’t mean I always necessarily do it. But it is the nagging feeling, when you lie down to fall asleep, I should have finished my homework.

It is what keeps you up well into the late hours of evening, tossing and turning unable to succumb to sleep. If you are like me a person who has creative bursts in the brain, they usually come in the night. Characters will emerge to you from your dreams, dialogue will come together, and the dialogue you have been tormenting yourself over for hours because it is just not working comes perfectly joined together like perfect puzzle pieces but it only enters your mind when you get out of the warm comfort of your bed to go to the bathroom. Now it is with quickness you must write it down because as quickly as it flooded your brain when you woke up it will flee even faster with slumber.


Therefore, I must bring you into my world of homework as a grown up.



Instead of watching television, or relaxing with a good book only for a night or two a week, I ask you to do something else. Not too much time, I promise.

I want you to think. My assignments are not difficult and do not require mathematics, or science they are versed in a subject you are familiar with but may still not be an expert in.

The subject is you. Yes, you.

It is a subject everyone likes to talk about and the way we filter the world is all through the subject of ourselves.

Recently I asked a group of people if they were happy, or content with their current life circumstances and the number of responses of people who were not was over two thirds. Now surveys, statistics are relative I understand but this was a shockingly high number to me. I understand as human beings we are extremely fickle and change our minds, we all have ups and downs but I feel this can be changed.



In recent years there has been a huge overflow of health and wellness information. Entire TV shows have been dedicated to this topic. Commercials, countless new diet plans, books, videos, even meal plans can be delivered straight to your door. The possible choices are endless.

Also, what about all the different exercise plans? The creation of Fitbits to monitor how many steps you take in the day, making you realize how lazy you really are, there really is no escaping it. They even changed the happy meal at McDonalds to be healthier. A meal which has stood the test of time unwavering, it includes apples and less fries much to my personal dissatisfaction.

So, why is there not the same amount of enthusiasm with our brains?

My grandmother says it best. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” She, of course, was talking about carrying a twenty-pound bag of oranges for over a mile. But I am going to apply this same sentiment to our brains.


Let us use it, unless we lose our beautiful brain.


Had to put it in. You will either know the reference or not.

As adults we quit learning. We begin to do the same old, same old. Life loses a little bit of the wonder of it, the mysteries to solve, lands to discover.

Do not get me wrong, I understand you are all very busy; you have kids, a spouse, volunteer work, chores to be done, a full time job, and if you do as most Americans do you probably work at least fifty hours a week.

Let us use the same motivation we have in exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of our relationships, in using our magnificent, beautiful brain. Yes, we fall short. Yes we eat healthy all day and then the ice cream calls to us while we sit down to watch our favorite television show. But we reach for healthy living again the next morning when we pack the banana or yogurt for work. All I am asking is for this same reach for your brain.


Train the Brain– is how I like to think of it.

Hopefully I have convinced you. IF not it is okay. At least you are still reading.

Is my purpose in all of this actually to make your current life better. NO! I repeat NO. I am not promising happiness, or wealth or unicorns or whatever it is. I am only trying to get you to understand yourself a little better.

It is a charge to encourage you to take a few weeks journey or months if you just can’t spare the time. To find out who you really are and what you really want out of this life.

Many times our own unhappiness about our current circumstances if truly examined our attitude can be changed about them. Sometimes, I find that when I think about something which is particularly bothering me, is I really look at it and I try to think is this really important? Do I really want this? If the answer is yes then, what can I do today and in the following days to achieve this?



My Homework Assignments are a practical, broken down way to examine your life, to decipher if you really know what you want, what is important and what is not. A focused examination into what really motivates you. At the end of your life what do you desire to give your time, energy, effort and passion to?

Okay I am done with my rant. (WELL, maybe)




Why did I choose to do Grown Up Homework?

This journey began when I went to visit an old friend. We hadn’t seen each other in about six or seven months but my friend had recently been overseas for a few months and had many new experiences.

We are already the kind of friends who love to discuss absolute everything. We will analyze friends, situations, TV shows, books, conversations; no subject is breezed over. No questions left unanswered, no topic too taboo, hardly ever any secrets kept from each other at least not intentionally. Everyone should have a friend like this; it is good to have another human being who sees you in all your different faces. Or as I like to say which has been around, they see you with your warts and all.

Anyways, because we like to discuss everything and seem to have an opinion about almost everything we have many long-winded conversations. Each of us loves to discuss, plan, and think about what is it we really want out of life.

What is our next plan? What steps are we taking to get to the next plan? It is truly what we still want? Or is it an old dream you don’t really want anymore? Would your life feel like a failure or a disappointment if you didn’t reach this next goal? Or not really?

Actually, I think this is pretty popular in our generation, the Millennials. Many younger adults seem to move around, travel and don’t follow one particular career path.


FIRST Assignment

I strongly suggest doing these assignments with another person. It can be a spouse, partner, friend, parent, even a child who is almost an adult.

It is better to do it together? Yes, always better together right?

My friend and I the way we do it is on Sunday we talk on the phone. We discuss the previous weeks assignment in great detail (as always) and then assign the next one. She comes up with some and I come up with some. Then we take the entire week to complete it. Do whatever works best for you.

IT is a fun way to learn something about yourself and someone else you care for.



We will do one homework assignment a week. Now this is infringing on if I get my homework completed and actually write the next blog.

One a week is doable. The first week especially is easy because the assignment should only take about an hour or so to complete. Time is dependent on how in depth you wish to go. There is no wrong way or right way, no particular timetable. Have fun with it!

Week 1 Personality Test.

You may have done this before but I want you do it again. It is really fun and maybe you will have changed a little or maybe this time you are honest with yourself and answer the questions, as you should.

The best one I have found online for FREE is 16personalities.com.

It gives great information about the personality you have. It tells you famous people who have your personality and even a few fictional characters who have it too. This is so fun to me because, thinking about my friends having the same personality as characters from Breaking Bad, or Lord of the Rings, was very amusing.


The test breaks your personality information into eight different categories.

  1. Introduction
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Romantic Relationships
  4. Friendships
  5. Parenthood
  6. Career Paths
  7. Workplace Habits
  8. Conclusion

They also have a premium profile available. I have never done it but if you do let me know what you think. It would be interesting to see what exactly it entails.


Take the Test! Go ahead take the test!


I think do it with your partner, read each other’s results. It makes for entertaining conversation. Does this sound like them?

Write down things that speak to you as your read it. What are your strengths are you using them? What are your weaknesses? What can you do it improve upon them?

It is a good test to take as well because it suggests what careers choices you would excel in. I substituted school last year and had my upper classes take the test. It gave them an idea of what fields of careers they would do well in.

Come on the subject is about you. Everyone loves to talk about themselves as humans most of are naturally introspective. I am giving you an excuse to do it.


Now go use that beautiful brain. 🙂


Tell me what personality you got? Does it match who you think you are? What were you most surprised about? Do you like the famous people they equated you to?

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