Even Jason Bourne has Daddy Issues-Review of the New Film




DISCLAIMER: The following review is purely from the mind of a fan of the franchise and an admirer of entertaining movies.


Jason Bourne is the fifth movie installment in the franchise but the fourth one to star Matt Damon.

Most avid movie attenders are familiar with the Bourne Franchise. It has been in movie goers lives since 2002 with The Bourne Identity, next in 2004 The Bourne Supremacy, followed by The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007. After these three films Matt Damon took a much needed sabbatical and in stepped, Jeremy Renner. Mr. Renner starred in The Bourne Legacy, in 2012. I never saw this film. When a film changes actors even though he was an entirely different character I still did not have enough enthusiasm to watch this film. Maybe I will someday.


A man awakes to find he has no recollection of his identity. The audience goes on a discovery mission in uncovering the truth of this man as he does himself. Every turn of action leads all involved to believe Jason Bourne is not an average citizen. He is in fact a deeply classified CIA assassin. Bourne quickly realizes he has many skills:  languages, close combat fighting, and military tactics. As Bourne discovers the magnitude of the skills within his mind and body he is also being hunted by assassins. What an inventive idea to move the progression of the story.

Each movie digs deeper into the memories of Jason Bourne and continues to amaze the audience by his unique skills and abilities.

Every new movie reveals more of his past life and as we watch, Bourne begins to piece together the fragments of his memories. All the while, Bourne escapes many dangerous obstacles and defeats many bad guys with his almost superhero, speed fighting techniques.



History with Bourne

Okay, I loved the first movie. It was a great film and thrilling to watch and it felt like a real unique spin on amnesia which, when we are honest has been done many, many times. It was a great film. So, when I heard a second one was going to be released, I was super excited!  I asked my dad to go with me since I knew he had seen the previous one, and he enjoyed it as well.

We made our way into the theater and as the opening scenes began the anticipation grew within me. There are few things in life I enjoy as much as going to see a movie.


It is the magic of entering a new world you have never been to.  All outside world distractions cease when you enter this unique land known as a movie theater.

If a movie trailer entices me to:  get ready, drive thirty minutes, pay my hard earned money, put up with uncomfortable chairs, the annoying people with their cell phones, (yes. you. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!!) a child possibly kicking the back of my chair which happens more that you will believe. THIS movie better deliver and be worth it. I want to be taken out of my current circumstances. I want to be thrust into the worlds of magic, dreams coming true, the underdog winning, the happy Christmas family, the love story were the nice girl gets the incredibly good looking boy, a story where the good guy wins and defeats evil, the clumsy team wins the trophy!  A world which contains:  pirates, mermaids, dragons, aliens, gryphons, a place where humans can: fly, be invisible, super human strength, all of it!!!! All of this to say, I expect quite a bit when I go to the movies. 🙂

Okay I’ll get back to where we were, seeing the Bourne Supremacy. The movie started out with promise.  Sadly, as it continued it quickly began to decline. Story line was well thought out, action was there from the moment the movie began but I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Now, I know what you are thinking, you know the story is going to let you down. Or they have chosen to do the same thing over again. All the thoughts you have during a movie you have been looking forward to seeing. None of these were the problem.

The problem was I actually felt sick. I felt nauseous.

Yes. Nauseous. Every fight scene the camera was shaking uncontrollably.  I began to close my eyes during every fight scene and car chase because my popcorn threatened to reappear. My father felt sick as well and we considered leaving the theater. After stepping out for a moment, to breathe and calm my stomach; I gave the movie one more try. Making  it to the end of the film made me feel quite accomplished, it also caused me to make a vow.  A vow that I would never watch a movie from this director again in my lifetime.





Now, to the new one. I went with a friend who has never seen any of the films. She agreed to go; she really is a good friend. Matt Damon has a 90 second video that recaps the first three films so I tagged her in it on Facebook hoping this would catch her up.


It begins!

We take our seat in the movie theater, wait for everyone to settle, and after the longest trailers and commercials ever, the film started. It was good. I was so happy to see Julia Stiles in the film again. It begins with a pretty big bang as per usual and before we know it Damon and Stiles are meeting up in a protest in Athens. It is extremely intense and you are on the edge of your seat. For me it was a little overwhelming with all that is happening in the current events of the world it was a bit too much. After we leave the heat of the protest Damon and Stiles try to escape on a motorcycle and here is where I get my sick feeling again.

Yes. My vow didn’t work because without knowing it I was watching the same shaking the camera like a polaroid picture director was directing this movie. How could I not know? I did what I would normally never do in movies and I pulled out my phone and looked it up on IMDB. Yes, my gut feeling was right, it was him.

Instant dread comes over me, because I know I will not be able to watch the entire movie without having to close my eyes for certain scenes.

The movie overall is good. It is worth the money spent to go see it in theater because it is better on a giant screen with deafening surround sound, IF you do not have motion sickness.


Bourne is still in hiding. He is living his life under the radar, buying his time as a bare knuckle fighter. Nicky Parsons causes him to come out of hiding when she illegally hacks the CIA. In doing this Nicky finds out Bourne’s father was on the paperwork in Bourne’s original assessment for the CIA. Nicky finds Bourne to give him the information and in doing so she leads the CIA directly to him.

Many different plots take place, all action packed.  A new villain is introduced CIA Director Robert Dewey and Heather Lee, the intel person.

Dewey has a separate story with another character which involves the theme of social media and the privacy act.

Heather Lee is a strong and trained hacker. We are unsure if she is an ally or foe.


The film takes places in Athens, Berlin, London and Vegas.

The film sets us up for another installment in the franchise, which I thought was brilliant.

My friends opinion, “I liked it. It was suspenseful with lots of action. LOL.” She said all of this even when after getting home her popcorn made a reappearance in the toilet. What a good sport she is!! I think she will choose the movie next time.

One of the amazing things about the film (even though it was shaky) was seeing the fantastic, over the top car chase down the strip in Vegas. This alone is worth the ticket! It is massive and I am not sure if they will ever let another film crew do such a thing.



As I said before this is only my opinion. For some reason whenever I watch a television show, or read a book and sometimes even when I hear a song I find little ways I would improve it.

My suggestions may be good; they may be horrible.

Bourne, I love the character of Bourne but if you have not seen the other movies it would be hard to have any sort of emotional connection to him.

In this film he doesn’t even have many lines. He is the most silent character in the entire film. Which I understand is true to his character in the way we know him but as a new person it would be hard to connect to him.

Of course I would change the director, or firmly suggest he not shake the camera as he so utterly enjoys.

Also, I would have a few more breather moments. Where you can process things like the events taking place or the hidden meanings in character’s dialogue.

I would also like to have more time with Bourne and him talking not just running around fixing everything. For me, the hero is the highlight of the story.



The reason I laughed when this happened is because every hero seems to have daddy issues.

Jack in Lost, Luke in Star Wars, Indiana in The Last Crusade, the list goes on. It is a compelling story to follow. Who doesn’t love a brave, strong hero who has a vulnerable side?

For this particular story, Bourne had no other reason to go after the CIA until Nicky highlights his father’s connection to his enlistment as an assassin.  This leads to memories of his father and a vengeance growing within him. Before, from what I can previously remember of Bourne movies he didn’t have any particular daddy issues.

This was the part in my opinion that was lacking.  He learns only about this now and is then thrust on a revengeful mission. It should have been introduced earlier in the story line, in earlier movies.

If this plot point had been identified earlier it would have been so gratifying when the identity of his father’s killer was discovered. But for me because it was only in this film it was lacking satisfaction.

We have no connection to his father. In most films we see memories of his father and him but because it was pushed into this story we don’t have the same shock when he dies. We have no emotional response. It feels like this story was a little thrown together because we needed Bourne to come out of hiding.

So if he is coming out of hiding and he needs to be angry let’s give him daddy issues. Come on people you can do better than this! I have faith in you.








IF you don’t want to know all the secrets.




Otherwise here we go.

A Big Part for Me.

I was really disappointed when Nicky died.

Nicky dying made for a gut-wrenchingly dramatic scene. The filming was beautiful which sounds strange for a character’s death but the scene was touching.  But why??? Why did you have to do it????? Why did she have to die????

I always hoped her and Bourne would get together. As a girl, I still want some romance even if it is an action film. Parsons was the perfect choice because she has been on the journey with Bourne since the beginning.

Marie was Bourne’s only love interest but she was killed off in the second film. After Marie’s death, Bourne has had plenty of time to mourn her loss and move on with a  new woman. (Who I hoped was Parsons)

Bourne has been alone for a long time and even though he is the epitome of a lone wolf it was time for him to have someone. Nicky was a believable choice. For Bourne to make a meaningful connection it will take time and he had history with Nicky. Now all my hopes for this to happen has been shattered by a snipers fatal shot.

Lone Wolf.

Are there really any lone wolves? We all need people. It doesn’t have to be only a love interest but we need people. Now, Bourne has no one left who was there from the beginning. Yes. Even Jason Bourne needs a partner, a sidekick, someone, anyone.

Agent Lee.

She was a great addition. Even though her character is very predictable in parts there is something about her that draws you to her. Agent Lee has many more secrets within her, waiting to be discovered. I will be happy to see (if there is another installment) where this character’s journey takes her.







Lastly Predictions.

Agent Lee will be Bourne’s love interest. It feels like hints were given within this film. The creators will follow this storyline because we do not know if she is an ally or not; which will cause great tension within their relationship. Bourne has already taken the heat for her in the death of Dewey and he already has discovered she may be playing both sides.

The social media thing will be brought up again. As it always does. Big Brother is the one to fear right?


If you read all this way you are a trooper. CLAP CLAP.

Thanks for reading it all. If you get me on the subject of movies or stories, I am long winded. I know.

I used to listen to a preacher and whenever he took the stage I would say he doesn’t have a sermon in him that is less than three hours. Hopefully, this post did not take you three hours. : )



What did you think of the film? Would you see it again? Who was your favorite character? Do you think  Matt Damon should do another one?




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