My Mama Said . . .


My Mama Said,

I have wanted to write a blog about motherhood for a while and since it is Mother’s Day I thought now is the time.

When contemplating what to write about motherhood I was unsure what topic to choose. There are many different topics and many different ways to go. Since I was undecided on the direction, I did what I seem to do many times when lost, I turned to Google.

As I opened the search engine to the amount of endless possibilities, I typed in two words: Mother and Bible. After pressing enter I waited to see the results.

Quite a few options came up, the most popular one being Proverbs 31 which most people have an understanding of this Proverb. If you don’t, stop reading this right NOW and go read it. It is worth the read.

But instead of picking the familiar one, I decided to go with Proverbs 6: 20-21.

“My son, keep your father’s commands and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. Bind them upon your heart forever; fasten them around your neck.”

Mama and Me

It is an unlikely choice but perfect for this post.

From the time we are given to our mother she is giving us instructions on what we should do and what we should not do. Every mother can relate to having to say no over and over and over and over until they are sick of saying the word. Not including the constant action of taking stuff away from children as they try to put it in their mouth, their nose, or my personal favorite: an electrical outlet.

As we get older and learn the basic guidelines of the house our parents begin to instruct us not only in what is suitable to eat, to wear, and the basics of communication, but they begin to instruct us in life. They give each of us rules for morality and the way they believe is a best way to life your life.

My mother has instructed and guided me on many different situations in my life. Differing on a wide range of topics and situations from the practicality of human interactions, to moral dilemmas, to life’s tough decisions and disappointments.


Here is a composed list of a few of them:

  1. Always Send Thank You Notes.

-Absolutely agree with this one and to this day I do my best to always send thank you notes, preferably as soon as possible.

  1. Always Be Early.

-Many times when we were leaving the house to go somewhere my mother would be yelling at me to hurry and I would always respond with, “We still have 20 minutes.” My mothers answer as sure as the sun rising each day was, “I’d rather be early then late.” I do not fulfill this one as often as I should. I’d much rather be stressed the entire drive hoping I get every green light, find a parking space quickly, and walk swiftly to the door. I’d much rather be a tiny bit late than early, no idea why. (Sorry Moms not all of the instructions stick no matter how hard you try.)

  1. Practice Makes Better; Not Perfect.

-By far one of my favorites. I am so thankful my mother said this to me time and time again. As a person who struggles with perfectionism this was very life giving to my soul.

  1. Do Not Go to Bed Angry.

-A great one. One I struggle with. Once I get angry, I want to stay angry. It may take me longer to become angry but once I am there, I like to stay. I want to set up camp and stay there for a while. Basking in my anger and the fact that I, of course, am right. My mother would never let me though. She would come in and apologize if she felt she was in the wrong and she would do all that she could to work it out, to talk it through. She would never let me stay angry long and wouldn’t let me go to bed till it was settled. I’m very thankful for this important principle in life.

  1. Reading Is Important.

-My mother would make me read everything to her out loud. Did you read that too quickly OUT LOUD! When you are a kid, it is a horrible task. She did it just to make sure I was saying the words correctly. It gave me an appreciation for words, stories, and books and in the end it was incredibly helpful. Books truly are amazing!

  1. You Do All You Can for Family.

-A true statement for most families. Families drive you crazy, they make you want to hurt them, one of my brothers would make me so angry I would try to bite him to get him to leave me alone. Thank goodness I grew out of that. J But both of my parents would constantly tell us we do all we can because we are family. Family will always be there. Most friends come and go in your life but your family will always be there.

7. Your Best is Good Enough.

– As long as you do your best; I am proud. Both of my parents have said these exact words to me. If I did my best even if I came up short as long as it was MY best that was all that mattered. Be encouraged with this.

  1. I Didn’t Raise A Quitter.

-This one. Oh this one. It about killed me sometimes. I can still hear these words clearly, “If you said you were going to do it, then you are going to do it.” Finish what you started. And I did.

  1. There is Always Going to be Someone Fatter, Smarter, Prettier and So On.

-The context of hearing this pearl of wisdom for me was the first time I tried on a bathing suit, which happened to be a catastrophe! I was in Junior High and it was then when I realized all the things that were wrong with my body and how mine didn’t compare to the other girls. I wanted to stay hidden in the dressing room and never come out. I didn’t even want a bathing suit anymore. But my mother came in, once I let her and said, “There will always be someone, skinnier, fatter, shorter, taller and so on but you just have to let it go.” I have repeated this to myself many times. I can only be myself, and I needed to stop the comparison.

  1. Be Generous.

-My favorite. My mother is once of the most generous people I know. I think I am a pretty generous person, but my mother is beyond me. She always wants to do more. I often say, “No, we don’t need to give that much, or that is way too much, we have done enough.” But my mother does what she wants. My mother has complete confidence in the Lord loving a generous giver. She is not only a giver in finances, but in her time and in constantly serving others.


I could add many more and continue to go on and on. However on Mother’s Day I want to say Thank you to all the mothers who constantly go above and beyond what is required of motherly duties. Thank you for all the words of wisdom even when you think we are not even listening. Continue to instruct us. Therefore maybe we can fasten them around our neck as well, so they can be locked away in our hearts.


In ending,


As we get older many of us begin to realize we are turning into our parents, maybe the way we look or how we say the exact same thing our parents said. But to me turning into my mother would not be a bad thing. I hope I am as generous and as trusting as my mother is when I get older, I hope I will keep my heart open and love people and serve them with a thankful heart. My hope is one day I will have a daughter of my own and as she grows I will become her best friend as my mother has become mine.


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