Passion. Calling all passionate ones?


I love passionate people, they are so enthralled with life and are ready to have you become as thrilled about their passion as they are. When someone tells me what his or her passion is it excites me and maybe even causes me to become just as excited as they are.

Before we begin our topic of passion let’s give a quick definition of the word.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary Passion is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

Passion is an elusive emotion. It can come at any time and it can change its affections just as quickly.

Many people think of passionate individuals in all different categories, it could be political campaign supporters, an animal rights activist, a musician, or even a couple who are infatuated with one another.

To me passion is anyone who exhibits enthusiasm about a certain subject or a certain activity in such a way that you want to join him or her. You want to believe in the same thing they do with the same amount of conviction.

When I was thinking about passion before writing this blog I was reminded of a particular conversation I had with a friend long ago. We were sitting across from each other at one of those all night diners. You know the ones.

We were having a common conversation. It is a conversation that has been discussed among the opposite sex for years and will continue to be discussed for as long as we exist. It was about none other than relationships.

He kept asking me about dating someone and why I was so picky and wouldn’t give certain guys a chance. And so forth.

My answer was interesting and now it even shocks me a bit but I still agree with my answer. My answer was as follows. “Because there is no passion. I want to have real emotion towards him. I want to love him one minute and hate him the next. I know that with time this will fade. I understand this. I am not naïve enough to think it will last forever. But dear Lord! I at least want it in the beginning.”

He gave me a response and we continued to discuss the topic. But I do remember saying, quite a few times, “I don’t want to be married to someone and when we started out I was like he will do. I want to say I am crazy about him and can’t imagine a second without him.”

I MUST have passion.

The reason I chose to write about passion was because after starting this blog a few months ago I became lost on what to blog about.

Going on a search online about what to blog about can be a very dangerous rabbit hole.
The experts say you must have a niche, you must have a target market, and you must be passionate about what you are blogging about if you plan on continuing to blog about it for a long period of time. Therefore choose wisely. Now I agree all of these points are valid and very helpful. But they left me with many questions. I have many different topics I want to blog about but not particularly all in one subject matter.

So instead of following the experts’ advice I am going to blog about anything and everything I can. Absolutely anything I am passionate about or have a strong opinion on. Topics will range from religion, a new movie, book, and invention, also my obsession with amazing characters in fantastic stories. I will even discuss my crazy family and their opinions. (Look out world) My friends. Yes, my friends (To my friends I meant to write a disclaimer about how now before telling me a story you should let me know you don’t ever want me to write about it. I love you all.) : )

I may even give advice about how I think people should behave entitled “Let’s Get Real Now.” Or just ramble on about my favorite things, the ocean, Peter Pan, traveling, board games and even my long time love affair with Coca-Cola.

Even though my topics will have no rhyme or reason to them all of these future blogs will strive to fit into these four realms because to me what makes interesting content falls into one of these realms-

1. Informative-something that could be helpful. Facts, recipes, living a single life.

2. Heartfelt-stories causing your heart to feel a tug.

3. Funny-Because we all need to laugh more. It is too good for the soul to be passed up.

4. Narcissistic-sometimes you just want to rant about something. That doesn’t fit into any of these categories.

Hence and therefore if you would like to join me on this ride I will gladly accept you and enjoy your company. Can’t wait to hear from you on what you are passionate about? The only thing I can promise at this time is it may not be a niche and it may be everywhere all at once and nowhere at the same time. But it will be me, and darlings that is what it is all about.

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