Star Wars and Christmas these are a few of my favorite things . . .

Star Wars and Christmas, these are a few of my favorite things.

Christmas is only weeks away but Santa Claus is giving all of us a present a week early isn’t this exiting? What is it? Are you sure you want me to spoil the surprise? Okay I will.

It is the new Star Wars movie!!! Are you ready? I know I am.

IT is flying into theaters on December 18. I know if you have been especially good this year you may even get to see it a day early or at the stroke of midnight. This is my personal favorite way to view it because you are with all the loyalists’ fans.

Now, I know this may not be everyone’s top gift this year. It may be because you asked for something else or were hoping for something more comical in the theater this holiday season. But it may also be because you don’t know the story and are not sure where to start.

I am here to help. Star Wars is a little bit like walking up to a group of people in a conversation and trying to figure out what they are talking about. Then as the person talking finishes their story everyone laughs but you missed the reason it was funny.

Star Wars is nine episode films each in a set of three. George Lucas is the creator. (Important to know.) Mr. Lucas decided to make episodes four, five, and six in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This is where Star Wars began. In the 2000s three more movies were released episodes one, two, and three. Now this year 2015 episode seven is coming out with the other two to follow. Wow that was too many numbers.

One of my friends who has never seen the movies asked me “Which ones should I watch first?” I remember I gave a very long-winded answer filled with enthusiasm and spoilers, but I will not do that here.

It really doesn’t matter which one you watch first as long as you watch them in three block episodes. I would highly recommend watching 4, 5, and 6 since these are the ones Mr. Lucas decided to create first. Therefore, they must have been his preference. But it will not ruin the saga if you watch them in a different order.


Premise of Star Wars


IN a galaxy far, far away . . . .


No truly it is in a world not like our own. The characters range from humans, aliens, robots, (known as droids in the films) animals as well, that look like cute bears you want to squeeze to death. But even though the characters may be very diverse from our own world the human experience is the same. The films deliver on the journey of mankind it delivers on experiences we can all relate to at some point in our life. Even if we have never had a complicated relationship with our father or kissed our sister we have all been fooled one time or another. We have all fallen for the bad boy at a time in our life. Proof we can all relate to Star Wars.


Back To The Basics Now

The stories revolve around the Skywalkers. In episodes 1, 2 and 3 (films released in early 2000s.) it is Anakin Skywalker. In episodes 4, 5 and 6 is it Luke Skywalker. (1970s) Because I recommend watching the ones where Luke is present let’s discuss these ones. Luke is a young man who desires a bigger destiny than he has been given. Have you ever wanted to me more than you are right now? Have you ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than yourself? If you answered yes to these questions you can already relate to Luke. Luke’s other motivation is the desire to know more about who his father was but this is much too big of a topic to cover now. The story begins with Luke. While restoring a droid he recovers a hidden message inside of it. A beautiful woman in need of help, and what does Luke do? Of course he helps her. All good heroes would help a woman in need. On his way to help this young woman, Luke meets an old Jedi known as Obi-Won Kenobi and a pilot named Han Solo both of these men assist him in finding this woman and trying to help her. I will not spoil this story for you because it truly is a good one. You must watch it. The important thing to remember is Jedi is good. Empire is bad. Yoda is awesome but you have to watch the next film in the series to see him. So get going you only have a few days left to watch it before the new one is released! May the force be with you as you enter the galaxy of Star Wars.


Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about the new Star Wars! I truly hope it exceeds all of our expectations.

How would you explain the Star Wars Saga to someone who has never seen it? Let me know. 🙂


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