The world speaks to those who listen.


Hello Friends!! Summer is here. Summers are amazing. Anything can happen, you have vacation time, the days are longer and the beaches are alive.

IMG_6312The beach is one of my favorite places in the world. The place where every life problem becomes irrelevant, because the sun is on your skin, your feet are buried in the sand and the crashing waves drown out all the sounds inside your head. A place where overthinking calms down and your true desires emerge from your inner most parts.

Or at least this is what happens to me when I am on the beach. It is a small time of reflection, but also a time of slowing down and enjoying this wonderful thing we call life.


While on the beach, my mother and I decided to go for a stroll, walking down the beach, with our feet in the waves of the ocean and seeing all the kites, people fishing, swimming and building sand castles, I saw something up ahead. It was this little area that had been set apart.

Someone had taken little branches and stuck them all around this little area, we verred off the path and saw what it was. . . . .



Someone on the beach had taken the time to build these beautiful turtles and left them there for all of us to enjoy.


The pictures do not really show how neat they were but they were really cool.

My mother and I took some pics and thought how cool it was that no one had messed them up.

It made me think. 

Think of your favorite movie, song, the best TV show, your favorite episode. The best food you ever ate.

Now what if the person who created these things didn’t do it. Didn’t write the song, didn’t take a chance, didn’t speak up.

They could have been afraid of failure, rejection, letting people in, being exposed, or even ridiculed for their new way of doing something.


Yet the person who created these turtles, left them there.

They could have been destroyed,

made fun of,



who knows?

And yet they left them there.

Turtles in the sand are not the same as singing your song to your loved ones for the first time, or submitting your short story to the competition, or actually telling everyone the real dream of your heart. But we can learn from these turtles.

BE Encouraged

This is my encouragement to us today.

Whatever your gift is to this world leave it all on the dance floor.

Let your gift be seen.

Let your light shine.

Maybe your gift will inspire millions, maybe it will only inspire your mother, either way it is still a gift and let us all enjoy it. Maybe your gift can inspire another one who will create something that inspires the entire world.

Be kind, and use your gift.

Have a wonderful day friends.


What is your gift? What is holding you back? What can you do this week to use your gift? Find out what your gift is?



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