Genius inspires genius. This is the same for inspiration.

Going to the movies is always inspiring to me. Now not every movie I have seen is inspiring but it had the hope of being inspiring.

A movie is a time when the world stops, we stop everything in our life and give this production two hours of our undivided time.

EXTRA-What would it be like if we did that with anything else in our life? Utter attention. Work, exercise, a conversation. No phone, no texting, not even taking a small glance at your phone. Like we do in the movies.

Be around people who inspire you, surround yourself with them like you do with a blanket coming out of the dryer. Be around people who make you better? Push you harder after the dreams of your heart. The real dreams. The dreams that scare you.

If these people are not in your circle of friends, broaden your horizon, meet new people. Choose them.  Yes, choose your friends. For some reason people think friendships just happen. Maybe they do. But most of the time, if I ever really wanted to be friends with someone I found a way to make them my friend.

If friends are not an option. Surround yourself with the greats of earlier days.

Poets, philosophers, writers, composers, world leaders, artists, people of influence, the world we live in is a place of bountiful information and you can read almost exclusively for free any influnecers work or life story.


What inspires you? Who inspires you? Find it and use it to inspire yourself.


For me listening to composers is what inspires me to write better and it gets me in a zone. It inspires me.

Epic soundtracks, there is something about them, they always inspire me.

Soundtracks, they get me everytime.

The ones of the epic heroes conquering the evils in the universe. The Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion King, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, they will inspire you. Because they are instrumental you can imagine the hero facing their fears, choosing the hard way, sacrificing themselves for someone else, trying to stand again after being pushed down.

Now, imagine yourself doing this too.  For me it is listening to these soundtracks and taking my seat at the desk and writing again. Conquering the many fears of my writing. Is it good enough? Will people misunderstand me? Will I be judged? Am I putting too much of my own story in there? What will so and so think of it? Will they even read it? It is funny? Interesting? Good or boring?  Self-doubt doesn’t take many breaks.

The epic soundtracks, only the epic soundtracks inspire me. To keep writing, push past the fears, doubts and my own inadequacy. Many have gone before me and many will come after me and this music I am listening to was inspired by a story. Another writer, writing their story and inspiring others.

Beauty and art are everywhere and you can be inspired anywhere.

Be inspired today. Whatever it is. Inspire yourself, inspire others. GO after your dreams.  Bring inspiration to the world around you.

This inspired me late last night.

What inspires you? What motivates you to pursue your dreams? What is a saying that motivates you that you can do it.

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