Wonder Woman Stands Alone


Hi Friends,

I have been absent for a little while. It is quite a long story. Therefore, I will not bore you will all of the details. In my time away, I did get a ton of great ideas for blogs. I’ll be more frequently posting. 🙂

Summer is here! Break out the sunscreen, hot dogs, fireworks in July and of course, THE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!

It is only the beginning of June and we have big movies coming out, The Mummy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, another Pirates of the Caribbean, (Can’t remember which number it is) and the one that is blowing all the rest away is:  WONDER WOMAN.


Another Super Hero Movie?

Blockbuster Super Hero Summer release movies are as common as they come at least for the last several years. It is like hearing the National Anthem sang at sporting events. It will always be there. (Which is my favorite part about sporting events.)

We know it will be big, it will be filled with CGI and everything will be destroyed during  the final blowout between good and evil.

These cliches are what has kept me from not seeing a superhero movie for years. The last one I remember seeing was Batman Begins. I did see a superman movie in like 2006 I believe but don’t remember anything about the movie, except I was more concerned with how much popcorn my friend was eating because before the movie started he kept telling me about the new diet he was on. It proves how boring the movie was.



Wonder Woman was released on June 2. It came out and was hit with wonderful reviews, large ticket sales, and a high rotten tomatoes score.

But all of this evidence was not quite enough to convince me to go to see the movie. My lack of interest in the new Superhero movie was so profound I hadn’t even watched the trailer and I love watching trailers.

Social Media to the rescue, after seeing all my friends post about seeing it and how much they loved it. Then all the posts people shared about how well it was doing in the theater the enthusiasm about it being a woman superhero, a woman film director, I knew I had to go.


It was worth, the ticket, the drive, the full movie theater,  it was entertaining and beautifully shot.

Wonder Woman has been around for decades something like 75 years and it was nice for this character to be brought to life on the big screen which held back no expense.

Not giving away any of the story line it was enjoyable, I loved meeting this strong character and watching her story from the beginning. The relationship with her love interest Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) unfolded beautifully.


Gal Gadot, is wonder woman. She is not only the star of the movie, in every sense of the word the story revolves around her. She is the star. She played her part beautifully and to me she is one of the most stunning women ever.

If you only go to see this movie to see her it is worth it.





Social Media has been a buzz about this movie containing a fierce strong woman.

Many have been on the positive side.

Strong women have always been my favorite, from Scarlet O’hara in Gone with the Wind, Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story, Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride and the ultimate Princess, Princess Leia from Star Wars. Maybe this is why at the beginning of the movie when all the women are training together I felt a sense of pride. It was encouraging to see all these women working together, helping each other.

Strong Women characters have been emerging in TV shows, films, and books. A few things stuck out to me in Wonder Woman, she was strong but she wasn’t mean. She was powerful yet feminine. She may be a super hero, she may be stronger than any man, but she didn’t have to prove it. This is true strength.

It is fantastic! A woman is portrayed in a good light, where her strength is not seen as a bad quality. Her fierceness is not seen as a quality to subdue. Her being a woman doesn’t make her a worse superhero, her being a woman makes her empathetic to those who are hurting.

Another bonus is this movie is based during World War I and anything in this time period is fascinating to me.


Go experience the first big blockbuster of the summer. Start the summer off right.





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