Characters are My Friends

Characters who are well written cannot only be a character but somehow they can become a friend as well. 


I love characters!!! Mostly fictional ones. But if you are a person who many people have said about you, “You are a character!” there is a high chance we would be great friends. 


For the purpose of this post we will only focus on TV, for now.

I love TV!!!!

Let me scream it from the hills, or maybe from the couch. Either way, I truly enjoy watching the screen. I know it is looked down upon and it is not considered a desirable quality but I can’t deny it.

When people ask me who my friends are or who I spend the most time with it is hard to not admit they may be people who are only on TV. I know it is bad, but think about how when you binge watch a show these people stay in your thoughts for days. Also, when you are at work or a social engagement and you can’t wait till you get home so you can find out what happened next . Don’t lie now. (personally I hate binge watching shows but that is a topic for another time.)


All the different words associated with the new shows.


Pilot season is my all time favorite season for television. All the hopeful newbies. Betting on which ones will make it; which ones will be canceled before it has even finished it’s first few episodes.  The trill of finding out what movie star is coming back to television. It really is a wonderful time of year!

Not only do I keep Pilots of TV Series permanently saved on my DVR but I enjoy watching them over and over again.

It could be because I am obsessed with good stories no matter the form, or because I love to try and guess what the writer is hinting at in the very first episode. Every show I watch I am trying to decipher it and figure out the puzzle. Rather it be a detective show, drama, or even a comedy, I am constantly trying to figure out what is coming next.  Guessing who is going to be their romantic interest or what joke they are about to make or who may end up being a bad guy. It is just what I do.


Therefore, I will give my honest opinion on a few pilot shows that may have not ended as well as they begun, but darling, they were good first episodes.


DISCLAIMER-this is in NO particular order; each is as important as the last but you should totally watch these. Also, I mostly only watch shows on primetime television. FOX. ABC. CBS. NBC. CW.(FORMALLY WB) SOMETIMES AMC.



Has to be ABC’s CASTLE.


See Great show all around, you even get to learn how to be a better writer.


It began Spring Break 2009 and only finished this year in May 2016.


Richard Castle is a playboy millionaire who is also a best-selling mystery novelist. He happens to be in a dry spell in his writing career having just killed off his lead character in a series and is searching for his next muse.

Detective Kate Beckett is the perfect match.  A tough female detective who has a like for the “weird ones” as her fellow defectives put it, the more bizarre murders.  In fact, a strange murder leads her to Richard Castle, upon finding a dead victim who was staged and killed exactly like in one of Richard Castles books she goes to find him. So begins the partnership.



What impressed me about the pilot episode of Castle was it felt like we had known these characters longer. After watching it for about twenty minutes I felt certain I was on episode three or four, it is writing done well.

Many different clues are spread throughout the story hinting to the case over which many season finalie’s will linger on, the case that caused Detective Beckett to become a detective.

I have to admit this is my favorite of cop shows pilot. It is funny, interesting, exciting and the characters are lovable.

Please watch this pilot and let me know what you think. It airs on TNT pretty often. Also, I am sure you could purchase the first season for pretty cheap at any store where DVDs are sold.





Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, the brothers.


It first aired in August of 2005 and if you decide you like this show it is Returning January 2017!!!!


Michael Scofield commits a crime so that he can be incarcerated with his bother Lincoln Burrows, an inmate who is on death row. After Michael enters prison he begins his plan of escaping prison and freeing his brother from this death sentence. Hence the name.

The elaborate planning Michael has put into the prison break is very entertaining along with all the bumps in the road, from riots of prisoners, to a piece of his blueprints burning, a government conspiracy to guarantee Burrows is executed, and a guard who can’t seem to leave Michael alone.



One thing I loved about this series is my favorite character doesn’t even enter until season two. To me this is impressive writing because normally all your most fascinating characters are introduced in the beginning to keep the audience engaged. It is impressive.

Prison Break is truly entertaining but I would recommend mature audiences. I watched this show with the remote in my hand in case I needed to fast forward. To this day I am certain that I haven’t ever seen the entire show because there is one particular character I have to fast forward almost every time he comes on the screen. I hate him so much.

In my opinion, season one and two are by far the best ones. Three is good. Personally, I didn’t finish season four. You will understand if you get this far. But the original creator is going to be writing the upcoming episodes and after watching the preview it looks promising.


This is true. When I first started watching it I would stay up until at least 2 in the morning. Even when I had to work the next day. You have been warned.


If you would like to watch this show . It is available on Netflix I know. OF course it is available at DVD stores.





Grab a cup of coffee and watch a nice relaxing show.


It ran from September of 1993 to May of 2004.

Frasier has a special place in my life because I have fallen asleep to this show many times.


Frasier, a pretentious psychiatrist, has just moved across the country from Boston back to his home town of Seattle. He is starting a new job, which is different from his normal level of expertise, as a radio therapist.

Next we meet his father, a no nonsense retired police detective. His brother Niles who is similar to him in his pretentious and know it all way which leads to sibling rivalry at it’s finest. At last, a cooky at home care health professional who believes she is “psyche.”



I know this show is not considered that greatest show of all time or even the funniest but to me it is just plain fun. Frasier and Nile’s relationship is delightful to watch with their competitive tendencies and over analyzing each others lives.

Also, to give this show credit, to my knowledge, it is one of the few shows that was a spin off (Frasier was a character from Cheers) from another show that was very successful. It is actually the longest an actor has played the same character ever, excluding Soaps.

Either way, give it a try, at least try the Pilot episode. It airs regularly on Hallmark channel, lifetime and the complete series is on Netflix.




Drama and Heart at Every Turn.

It ran from September 2002 to June 2006.


Dr. Andy Brown is a famous neuro-surgeon in NYC.  An unfortunate accident leaves him a widower, which causes him to abandon his old life and start a new one in a small town called Everwood, Colorado.

As Andy begins to grieve his loss and cope as a single parent he is faced with many complicated situations, the affects of his absentee fatherhood, small town politics, and if he can make it as a general practitioner doctor.

Everwood comes on like a warm blanket and it reads to you as a classic American novel.



A wealth of information comes to mind when I think about this show. Pilot is wonderful, a great watch.

I watched the pilot episode again today and loved it but what  I liked most about watching it again was remembering all the great episodes to come. When I think about this show I have one word that comes to mind. FEEL. You will feel, maybe not, if you aren’t a big feeler but I felt for these characters, I came to empathize with each one of them. It is a wonderful show.

A bonus with watching this show is you also get to see some amazing actors when they were just beginning: Emily Van Camp, (Revenge) Gregory Smith, (Rookie Blue) Sarah Drew, (Grey’s Anatomy) and Chris Pratt, (Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy) a talented cast and this is only the younger actors.

Another quick thing; I liked the ending. Not many shows can I say that about. 🙂

So come on, grab a warm beverage, get cozy on the couch, and enter the snow mountains of Everwood, a charming place with interesting characters who may also teach you something about yourself.




What ever you do don’t start this show before a flight, like I did.

It first aired in September 2004-May 2010.


Lost centers around a group of strangers whose plane crashed, leaving them stranded on a remote island. The series revolves around their struggle to survive, determination to be rescued and deciphering the unusual mysteries of the island. Since the island in itself is mysterious no more details will be provided. Just only fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

It is also considered to be one of the greatest television shows of all time.



Lost delivers the most diverse characters since they were all on a plane together. When is the last time you were on a plane and thought what would it be like to be stranded on an island with these people. With such a large cast, this show does a phenomenal job of centering on different characters with each episode while still having them all be connected.

When I first watched this show I loved how they would have so many flashbacks because this has always been my favorite part of all television shows.

Lost to me has some of the most memorable characters ever on television . I loved Jack Shepard, to me he was a great hero. Sawyer was and still is one of my favorites.  He was so interesting and the episode where we flashed back into his past to understand why his name was Sawyer. Perfect. It was a creative way to show understanding for a character who was an all around bully. Many other characters who are fascinating. Charlie, Locke, Sayid, Kate, and many more.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on including Lost in my list. I never finished the series and so at some point I lost interest. But after doing some research it appears Lost is on everyone list. So, I gave it another go. I watched the Pilot and it rightly deserves to be on even my little list.

It is available on Netflix. I’m sure other places as well.





There are many shows I love and faithfully watch that I did not mention.  The reasoning for my decision in choosing the above shows is that these are unforgettable. Even though I may have not watched these pilots for some time I still remember them. Even if I didn’t finish the series I remember the pilot vividly.

For me a wonderful pilot pulls you into their world, quickly. It is like being infatuated with someone you just met, where everything they are saying you are either smiling or in wonderment of how unbelievablely interesting they are. I know,  I have unusual high standards for my television shows. 🙂

I hope this is helpful if you were looking for a new show to watch but didn’t know which one. I only recently decided to join the movement and become a monthly subscriber to Netflix and honestly it is overwhelming. Instead of watching a new show I have never seen, I naturally choose the familiar.  Maybe you are there too.

Let me know what you think? Would you watch these shows? What is the best pilot show you have ever watched? What are your requirements for an unforgettable pilot episode?

Tell me? 🙂





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