Sherlock is coming …..

It is the New Year. Yippie!

It is January 1st. Where is Sherlock? Come on is it time yet? It is time, right? I can’t wait any longer! Why won’t Sherlock start now?

Series Four Promo Pic.

2017 Is Going to be Wonderful

New Years is always a wonderful time. It is a time to ponder over last years events and make goals for the future.

I have to admit though I am incredible thrilled about this New Year as we are getting a new Sherlock season. What a wonderful way to start off a new year?

Truly, if 2017 starts with three new episodes of Sherlock it is destined to be a fantastic year.

Confession time, I came to the party relatively late when it comes to the fandom of BBC’s Sherlock, but I have certainly made up for lost time.

Even though I have not been a fan for years, I can say with conviction I am a loyal and true fan through and through.

My Credentials

  1. I have watched the entire series multiple times in only seven months.
  2. I introduced the show to six new people, increasing the fandom.
  3. Recommended the show to countless others as well.
  4. Even purchased my very own Sherlock shirt. Which I can say completely unashamed I will be wearing tonight as I watch the new episode.


Late this summer while skimming through Netflix, I saw Sherlock. It looked intriguing but not enough for me to click on it.

sherlockScrolling further along, without finding anything to really peak my interest. I returned to Sherlock, I read the description but still not moved enough to click the button.

But then I remembered many of my friends talking about it and saying how they loved it when it was first released and I thought alright I’ll give it a try.  


Okay, I am going to discuss each episode of the show further so if you haven’t seen it. Now is the time to stop reading.

I want to discuss each episode as if we are friends and have just realized we have the same affection for a television show. We will discuss favorite parts, the dialogue, which is truly the best part, the things I would change, we will discuss everything and anything pertaining to the world of Sherlock. So, get ready. Therefore, if you haven’t watched leave now and begin your viewing experience.



As with most first introductions in life, it takes a few moments to think of what to say to the other person. You smile, learn their name, there is the customary shaking of hands but after that you are on your own. To decide if you want to get to know this person more or move on.

In the case of Sherlock since friends had spoken highly of him and their love for him. I gave him more time than I would have normally done if there was no recommendation.

The first few minutes of the pilot episode were rough. The beginning is shaky, the film is not the best quality, and it seems (to be completely honest) as if it is going to be boring.

Also, the scenes of the murder victims are rather cheesy.

But I pressed on. Quite a few years ago I read something somewhere that said, “Give a film at least ten minutes then you can decide to continue watching or turn it off. Because at the ten minute mark you have fully decided if you like it or not.”  I checked the time: six minutes, therefore I decided to keep going.

Then these words came up on the screen.



This is when I knew I would keep going. I loved seeing the text over the screen in that form. I know different films and TV shows have done text this way. But I loved the way it appeared on the screen somehow it made it more comical.

Next we meet Sherlock; no less beating a corpse with a riding crop.

NICE TO MEET YOU. Truly a pleasure.

From then on it was great. A true pleasure watching the show. The first time I watched the show I loved Sherlock. He was needy, self-absorbed, clueless, clever and funny. How can you not fall in love with him?

But when I watched the series a second time around with a friend, that is when I realized the magnificence of John Watson. His character adds so much to the character of Sherlock. Both of the actors do a fantastic job in complementing one another.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU. Getting to know all about you.

Now the fun part comes in the relationship, we are moving on from introductions. We are getting to know the facts of one another, the likes and dislikes, the weird habits. Let us begin.

Series One. 


For a pilot they did a great job once they were going. We meet many of the main characters in the life of the show and get to know the role each of them plays in relation to Sherlock.

Many things are introduced, John’s war days, his limp. Sherlock’s Mind Palace. Inspector Lestrade’ need for Sherlock’s deductive skills.  Mycroft and his rivalry with Sherlock.

The even give us a hint into upcoming episodes. When the Cabbie screams out, “Moriarty!”


I love meeting Molly.  She becomes one of my favorite characters, maybe because I can relate to her in being awkward at times. I love Molly.

I felt so stupid when I didn’t know it was the cabbie. I felt like they gave plenty of hints for me to know and I still didn’t get it.

The glimpses of Sherlock’s mind palace was a superb touch.


“You’re not haunted by the war, you miss it. Welcome back.” MH

“It’s a three patch problem.” SH

“Sherlock Holmes is a great man and I think one day, if we’re very, very lucky he may even be a good one.” GL


My biggest change would be the beginning. Starting with John was good, but there is something missing.

Also, the cabbie is not really scary at all. Not sure if he is supposed to be but he is rather average. Maybe that was the point.

OVERALL Rating. 

Good. Really good. I would watch this episode a few times. Good jokes and great job for a pilot episode. The beginning and ending are always the hardest.


In this episode John and Sherlock are still getting to know each other. It is like when you have a new roommate it takes a while to learn each other’s idiosyncrasies.

The episode is good, John ventures out and meets new people. We are introduced to Sherlocks web of contacts and specialists.



John’s standing there when the cops come. Not one thought of running away. He is literally left with the bag lying next to him.

Sherlock spinning John around trying to get him to remember the code.

Sherlock manipulating Molly to let him look at the bodies.


“This investigation might move a bit quicker, if you were to take my word as gospel.” SH

“No, I’m Sherlock Holmes and I always work alone because no one can compete with my massive intellect!” JW


More lively, we spend quite a bit of time with the chinese and the museum. This episode seemed to move more at a snails pace.

OVERALL Rating. 

To me this one is the lesser of the series. It doesn’t have enough memorable parts to make me want to watch it over and over again.


By far one of my favorites of the entire show. Fantastic.

We meet Moriarty. His dialogue and the way Andrew Scott portrays the character of Jim Moriarty is terrific. It is so good because I would have never picked him to play the part of the villain in the Sherlock world but he does it so well.

Many things to discuss with this episode. But one of my favorite parts was when I watched this episode with my sister in law. When John came in and said you didn’t see this coming.  My sister in law turned around and was like no way!

Truly a great write and a completely fun and entertaining watch.


So many, I can’t write every scene. I will try to pick my favs.

Introductions to the blog and how it changes their life. Sherlock’s rant about John inflicting his opinions on the world.

This case was interesting to try and solve.

Love, that we met Jim earlier.

At the end so happy I didn’t come to the series earlier cause I couldn’t have waited to see how it ended.


“The wall had it coming.” SH

“Quiet, calm, peaceful, isn’t it hateful.” SH

“I’ve disappointed you.” SH

“It’s good, good deduction. Ya.” JW

“Don’t make people into heroes, John, heroes don’t exist and if they did I wouldn’t be one of them.” SH

“What would you like me to make him say next?” JW and JM

“Daddy’s had enough now?” JM


Absolutely nothing.


The best, truly mesmerizing. It is a fun episode and this case was a tricky one. Watched this one a few times. The best in Series One.


Series Two


John and Sherlock are friends, they have been roommates for a while now and have solved a few cases together.

John has been dating and at this point we get to see what lady intrigues Sherlocks interest and it is none other than Ms. Irene Adler also known as “The Woman.”


John and Sherlock fighting.

Sherlock meeting Irene. The scene where Irene is trying to solve the case about the guy with the bashed in head.  The filming is so neat.

Sherlock’s apology to Molly.

Moriarty spitting away the text.

The code for her phone. I never felt more stupid in my life.


“If you have what you say you have I’ll make you rich; if you don’t, I’ll make you into shoes.” JM

“I always hear punch me in the face when your speaking, but it’s usually subtext.” JW

“Somebody loves you. If I had to punch that face I’d avoid your nose and teeth too.” IA

“Haha. Could you put something on, please.” JW

“You always say such horrible things. Every time. Always, always” MH

“I am sorry, forgive me. Merry Christmas, Molly Hopper.” SH

“Because I took your pulse.” SH


My biggest change would be Irene, I am not sure why she had to be a dominatrix. To me this was an easy write, there are other professions where you can be a strong woman. Also, if Sherlock doesn’t know much about the subject of sex it seems strange to me that he would have such a keen interest in a sex worker.


Good episode. It was difficult to solve. Had to watch this episode a few times till I fully understood the reason for the passengers on the plane. Whoever directed this episode did a fantastic job of it. The cuts and flow of this episode was my favorite of them all. It was creative and well done.


Field trip! John and Sherlock travel to the town of Baskerville. When I first watched this episode it was good. I liked it but when I watched it again, I loved it.


Sherlock losing his mind about his cigarettes.

Bluebell the bunny.

Sherlock not knowing Lestrade’s first name.

Seeing a little more of Sherlock in his mind palace.

Sherlock and John’s argument.


“It’s my job. Now, shut up and smoke.” SH

“You being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.” JW


I don’t think Sherlock would have known how to drive. I think it would have made a funnier bit about him not knowing how to drive but doing it anyway. If he doesn’t know about the solar system and has predominately lived in London not sure he would have taken the time to learn how to drive.

OVERALL Rating. 

Good. Very good. It was quite different from previous cases. Benedict Cumberbatch does a marvelous job in this episode. This one is high in the ranking for one of my all time favorites.


I think this one is my all time favorite. It is hard to choose but I love this one. 🙂 He’s back (Moriarty) and he is ready to destroy Sherlock Holmes.



Far too many.

Moriarty breaking into the crown jewels.

When Kitty turns her back and only John and Sherlock can see Moriarty’s face. I love the face he makes.

Molly’s discussion about how she doesn’t count. It cuts to the heart.

Truly, all of it is really good.


“You repeal me.” SH

“Aren’t ordinary people adorable.” JM

“All fairy tales need a good old fashioned villain.” JM

“I was so alone. And I owe you so much. One more miracle for me. Don’t be dead.” JW


Not a single thing. I love this episode.




Series Three.


He is alive again! He has returned.

Sherlock is back and all he has to do is return to London and reunite with John. But John has a life now and it is with Mary. Mary was such a great addition to the show. She fit in perfect with the world of Sherlock and is instantly likable.

In this series it really shows how the characters are in fact family. Because only family will put you through that kind of misery.


All the different ways he did the “magic” trick.

Molly kissing Sherlock.  We all wanted to be her in this scene. The slow motion. I laughed so hard when I first saw this. It felt like it was filmed just for all the fan girls out there.

Sherlock surprising John.

Anderson’s conspiracy group.

The bomb switch how there is always a switch.


“What life? I’ve been away.” SH

“Well, it ages you?” Ms. Hudson.

“I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes.” JW

“Mind palace. Go to your Mind Palace.” JW

“Time to go be Sherlock Holmes.” SH


The actual case was pretty boring.

OVERALL Rating. 

It is a wonderful episode. One of the best.



The wedding. The day has arrived and Sherlock will be giving the best man speech. But while giving the best man’s speech he has to solve a murder. Otherwise it would just be a wedding.

Watching Sherlock take on the best man’s duties and how he approached them with his completely unique way of getting them accomplished is the best part of this episode.


The Wedding.

The Speech. Memorizing all those lines. Impressive.

The location of the wedding was stunning.


“I never expected to be anyone’s best friend.” SH

“If I try and hug him, stop me.” JW

“Certainly not.”MW

“I have to delete something!” SH

“Shut up! You are not a puzzle solver you never have been. You’re a drama queen. Now, there is a man in there about to die. The game is on. Solve it!” JW


It was rather predictible for the fact of who the target was at the wedding. There seemed to be only one obvious choice. Once solved seemed unbelievable as an actual way of killing someone.


Good. Way better the second time viewed. I love how Mary blended in with John and Sherlock’s relationship. The clip of Sherlock putting on his coat as he leaves the wedding it a beautiful shot.


A new villain has arrived and he is creepy. Sherlock and John have been apart from each other and must come together to defeat an enemy they equally need to annihilate.


Sherlock being at the drug house.

Sherlock dating someone.

Mary shooting Sherlock.

Going into Sherlock’s Mind Palace.


The best ride in an elevator ever.


“No, Mrs. Watson you won’t.” SH

“I’m sorry Sherlock, I truly am.” MW

“Mary. . . ” SH

“Because you chose her.” SH

“Also, your loss would break my heart.” MH

“What the hell am I supposed to say to that?” SH

“Merry Christmas.” MH

“You hate Christmas.” SH


The bad guy. Not scary, only annoying.

The end where John and Sherlock are saying goodbye. When Sherlock puts his hand out, I think John would have hugged him.


Good. Very good indeed. I never for a minute thought it was Mary and loved that it was. She did great and the entire episode was the best.

Loved watching them have Christmas together as a family.

Also, I was shocked Sherlock shot Magnussen, I didn’t think he would. And I too thought Magnussen’s Mind Place was in his glasses.


Filming was amazing. But I didn’t really care for this episode. Mostly because it scared me and I don’t like being scared. Otherwise I think I would have loved this episode going back in time. So, I do not have many opinions on this episode, since I have only watched it once.

OUR FUTURE. WHERE IS this relationship going?


Thrilled about this next season. But cautious, don’t want them to ruin it. I am always afraid of when I really like a show that they will ruin it. We will see though.


I have read a few predictions of other fans and they seem exciting. I don’t have many. I think it would be cool if Anderson turned into a villain. Obviously, I think Moriarty is coming back and I hope Irene does. It never felt like Irene’s story was finished. Many say Mary will die. But who knows.

Very intrigued about there being another Holmes brother and it will be interesting to see what he could have done that caused Mycroft to abandon him.

The aftermath of Sherlock killing Magnussen. How can this be fixed?

Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks. Hopefully this season will be even better than last season. Tell me what you think? Who are you most excited to see in the new season? What are your predictions?

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