The Journey of One Blogger

A long time ago,

I began a journey many have taken before me and many will take after me. It is the journey of self-discovery and self-expression known in this age as becoming one who holds the title of blogger.

My journey started months ago. At the beginning it was overflowing with wonderful ideas and excitement about all the topics I could cover. There were no limits to where my imagination could go.

Soon enough though I was weighed down with unforeseen obstacles, puzzling questions, and the worse obstacle of them all was the one of self-doubt.

Should I spend the time?

Would people care about my opinion?

Or worse yet what if they did?

Did I want people to know the innermost thoughts of my being?

Would I be able to answer the questions that would appear in the comment box? If any?

I convinced myself entirely that I was not ready for this journey. I wasn’t prepared for this even though many had taken this journey before me and had not only completed it but also excelled in it. I wasn’t one of them I needed more time to prepare.

SO, I returned to my home Microsoft Word. The place I felt safe where I could write all my ideas, thoughts, dreams, opinions, and ramblings, the place where no one could ever see it.

Next I studied and researched about all those who went before me. Trying to convince myself I could do it. But the more I studied the more I felt I was not ready they were better than me. I was only pretending.

I waited.

Then waited.

Pacing back and forth,

Back and forth.

Finally, determined I put all my reservations behind me and I did it! My blog! I jumped over all the obstacles in my way, made my way to the finish line not without a few spell checks and numerous proof reads. I crossed the finish line with blurry eyes and tired fingertips to click my mouse on PUBLISH.

Now it is here for all of you to see!

Comment kindly please at least for the first one.

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