Who is Lucy Dame?


First and Foremost,

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If you come and stay for awhile, we adore you.

If you are only a fair weather visitor, we are happy to have you.

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Lucy Dame is a fictional character.

The name came to me while I was trying to decide what to call this blog. I wanted a generic female name but not too simple and this is what I came up with.

But Lucy Dame had other plans.

Lucy appeared to me in a book I am writing, she came vividly to my imagination and her voice was so strong on who she was and the purpose she served to enhance the story.

Lucy is technically a mermaid whose profession is a pillaging pirate. Her existence suprized me as I have never been one to love mermaids. As I have a healthy fear of the ocean and would never want to live in it.

Either way Lucy is an independent, fierce woman. She is also the sort of friend who will tell you the truth even when it hurts. She is perfect for the mascot of this blog.


The purpose of this blog is to give myself a legitimate distraction from finishing my book. It is a beautiful distraction, I have enjoyed writing on it and reading the comments I receive.

My genuine reason is to uplift and encourage, while also giving some advice.

Primary Focuses

We as human begins are made up of certain parts.




I have not written on all these different categories, but I am certain most of my blogs will fall into one of these categories.

Or fun. I am a child at heart and feel we should always be enjoying our life even when it is not at all what we thought it would be.

My tone is predominately focused towards women as this is the lens I view the world through.



Hi, I am Jennifer. I am the creator of this blog and so far every post. 🙂

My future plans are having other contributors, but for now it is just me.

I am a thirty one year old woman. A story teller at heart, currently working on my first fiction novel, hoping it will be available this year. I was a missionary’s child for over ten years, therefore I love traveling and people from other cultures. Also, working on a sort of self-help book which parts will appear on here as blog posts.

Love for all animals, especially dogs, who I believe love better than all humans. Will become completely annoyed about how people can litter when there are trash cans everywhere.

If you have any questions. Email me.

Email. jmferreeauthor@gmail.com

Twitter. @jennferree

Instagram. jmferree


  1. Having a deep conversation one on one with a person is extremely enjoyable to me.
    2. I went to Bible School for 4 years.
    3. Love to travel. Love. Love. Except for the traveling part, cars, trains, buses, boats, planes; I hate them all because I am nauseous the entire time. (medicine doesn’t really work for me.)
    4.  Loyal to no end. Even with actors, if I love an actor’s one project I will continue to support them in their other work. As if me buying a ticket to their current movie truly helps support them. I liken it to a friend who is in a show or graduating we must go and clap and support them. Even though I don’t know these people.
    5. I consider Leonardo DiCaprio to be the greatest actor of my generation and I have only seen three of his films. Blood Diamond, Catch me if you Can, and The Great Gatsby.


My vision is to have other women post on here and give us their pearls of wisdom. But for now I only have one other helper on my team and it is the best helper ever. My mother. She is the best editor and personal motivator a person could ask for.


I am 56 years old, I’ve been married since I was 17, to the same man!! : ) To save you the math I have been married for over 38 years. I graduated high school on May 25th, 1978, I got married 3 days later on May 28th, 1978. I got pregnant with my first child in June. I was on the FAST track, but hey at least I did it all in the correct order! Graduate, marry, baby. Just happened to all be in 4 weeks time! I have 3 children, Jared 37, Jeffery 35, and Jennifer 31. I also have 5 wonderful grandkids!

Twitter. @sherryferree17

Instagram. meetmeinthegarden17

  1. I grew up in a broken home, which had a huge impact on my life and my life choices.
    2. I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 17, again this had a huge impact on my life and my life choices.
    3. I grew up in upstate NY, left there when I was 13. Then my traveling began. I have lived in many different states, and in a few different countries as well. (More on that later)
    4. I have only ever had 2 jobs in my life, the rest of my life I have worked for myself (or my husband).
    5. I love people more than anything in this world. People are the true treasures of life. I have spent my life loving people, serving people, giving to people. This is a topic that I could write on forever. I will elaborate on this topic as well, later.